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Date : Mar 17, 2020
Minutes of Pre Bid Meeting - Supply, Installation, Testing and Commissioning of 400 KVA Diesel Generator set with Acoustic enclosure and AMF panel at Bank’s Main Office Building at Chennai

Extension of last date of submission dated April 29, 2020

Extension of last date of submission dated April 01, 2020


List of participants:

Sl.no RBI Vendors
1 S.Krishna Kumar (AGM - Estate) Jayadevan Nair / M/s. Industrial Diesel Engineers
2 U.Ravi Kumar (Manager - Tech) M.Gopala Krishnan / M/s. Prasanthi Power Solutions
3 S.Ravi (AM - Elect) J.Jayakumar / M/s. Madras Power Corporation
4 K. Suresh Kumar (AM - Elect)  
5 Jeeva Jose (AM)  
6 R.Selva Iyyappan (JE - Elect)  
7 R.Satish Kumar (Asst.)  

Sl.no Clarification sought Clarification furnished
1 Maximum piping distance between external diesel tank to diesel generator It is clarified that maximum distance of piping is about 20 meters. The pricing may be included in item no.1 of price bid.
2 Requested to include “Pulse Lite battery as per manufacturer’s standard. Pulse Lite is accepted
3 Rating of 800A MCCB in AMF panel may be reduced to 630A Not accepted. MCCB should be of rating 800A.
4 Engine Control relay will be provided in Engine itself as per manufacturer’s standard instead of AMF panel. Accepted.
5 Vendors requested to furnish list of tool kits to be supplied. Tool kit, if any, recommended by the manufacturer
6 DG load test at factory will be carried out as per manufacturer’s standard. Accepted. Gradual loading of the set is permitted
7 DG load test at site will be carried out with load facility arranged by customer against tender specification of 100% of rated capacity for two hours Accepted. Load test may be carried out with the connected load.
8 Vendor requested to include local  MCCB in the acoustic enclosure as per manufacturers’ standard. Accepted. The pricing may be included in item no.1 of price bid.
9 Clarification regarding insurance Vendors are advised to refer clause 24 of Commercial conditions (Section II)
10 Clarification regarding scope of work with respect to the term “Installation” Earthing system, Power and Control cabling for DG and AMF panel will be provided by RBI. Cabling connections and testing thereof shall be done by the vendor.   The term installation refers to the installation of DG set and AMF panel.
11 Vendors requested to increase the minimum duration of rectification time to 04 hours against tender specification of 02 hours. Accepted.
12 Socomec make ATS may also be included Accepted.
13 Rating of Copper busbars in AMF panel The Copper busbar should be designed to withstand minimum 800A i.e. at 1.2 Amps per sq. mm.