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Date : Nov 29, 2019
Minutes of Pre Bid Meeting - Design, Supply, Installation, Testing & Commissioning of Air Handling Units (AHUs) and Ventilation Fans for Bank's Central Office Building at Mumbai

NIT No.:- RBI/Central Office/Premises Department/2/19-20/ET/176

A pre bid meeting of intending tenderers was held on November 19, 2019 at 11.30 Hrs. in the cabin of AGM (AOB) on the 5th Floor at Bank’s Central Office Building, Fort, Mumbai. The details of Minutes of Pre- Bid Meetings are as under:-

S. No Clarifications / Issues raised / amendment sought by agency Reply / Clarifications by the Department
1. Requirement of forward or backward curve fan. It was clarified that only backward curve fans are suggested as specified in tender.
2. Requirement of EC type fan motor for AHU. It was advised to quote for IE2 type fan motor as per tender specifications.
3. Requirement of 8mm or 10mm duct supporting MS rod as in Clause It was clarified that rod diameter to consider is 10mm as against 9mm.
4. Requirement of material for insulation of pipes and valves. It was clarified that water pipe and valve carrying chilled water should be insulated with pre-molded pipe section of 50 mm thick expanded polystyrene (TF) Quality as mentioned in the Bill of quantity. Pipe carrying condensing drain water should be insulated with pre-molded pipe of 25mm instead of 32 mm cross linked closed cell polyethylene fire retardant grade as per tender specifications.
5. Requirement of aluminium cladding for the insulation of pipes and valves to be considered. It was clarified that aluminium cladding for the insulation of pipes and valves is 24 G instead of 28 G.
6. Tender clause 4.19 defects after virtual completion It was clarified that Defect liability period is 12 months after virtual completion of work.

Note: - All firms are also advised that no deviation in commercial terms and conditions will be accepted by the Bank and all other technical specifications will be strictly as per the tender and all the points/clarifications/ deletions/additions will also part of the tender specifications and agreement.