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Date : May 15, 2019
Clarifications - Empanelment of Vendors for Design, Development and Maintenance Support of e-Learning Content 2019-22

Corrigendum dated June 03, 2019

Clarifications dated May 29, 2019

e-Tender for ‘Empanelment of Vendors for Design, Development and Maintenance Support of e-Learning Content 2019-22

Pre-bid Meeting held on May 13, 2019 – Clarifications

Sl. No. Queries Clarification
1 What is the topic/subject of the Course? Who will prepare the questions? How many questions will be there in one Course? The Subject Matter Expert (SME) from RBI will decide the contents of e-Learning Course, which may be on any topic of Bank’s interest. SME will prepare the questions. There will be approximately 20 to 25 questions.
2 Whether periodical meetings are required with SME? Yes
3 Which browsers, browser versions and operating systems are the courses expected to run on? Internet Explorer11, Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge.
4 Whether all empanelled vendors can have access to e-course? No
5 Whether signing of Intellectual property agreement /Clause is required? Yes.

It is required since there are contents which are not meant for public usage and accordingly made this requirement as part of contract as indicated at point (g) of Section V, point (j) of Section VI and point (s) of Section X (Indemnity to Bank) of the contract document.
6 What are the regional languages in which the e-learning contents are to be developed? Can the languages for the courses be shared? Generally, the e-Learning course will be in English. In case of development of a course on Rajbhasha the language will be in Hindi.
7 It is mentioned at para (a) of Section VI that, the e-Learning material must be created in such a way that it ensures widespread access and compatibility for users across the Bank. Does it pertain to coursers running successfully on all devices with varied bandwidths? Yes
8 Explain the specifications of design and development mentioned in point (b)? Design and Standards are as mentioned in Section V of the Tender.
9 What are the expectations of the SME to be earmarked by the vendor and which function/area of banking should the SME have expertise on? The function/area of the banking is not specified because vendor will be closely working with the SME of RBI.
10 Can the selected bidders’ representatives connect with the SMEs remotely or face to face only? Yes. Selected bidders can connect remotely. The representative of the vendor may connect with the SME of RBI through phone/e-mail as well as face to face, frequently.
11 How many references needed as per Para (d) of Section IV? There is no limit. The requirement is that, the bidder should have worked with minimum of three organizations of which one should be in the Banking or Financial Sector as indicated at para d) of Section IV.
12 Any specification on the collaborative tools expected to be developed? Does this involve video shooting? No specification.

No video shooting is involved.
13 What kind of videos is expected to be developed Under Level 2? Does this involve video shooting? Video shooting is not involved.
14 What are the characteristics of Level IV of learning module?

Since it envisages real time interaction, whether vendor’s role will be required there or is it over once the module is prepared by the vendor?
Characteristics are defined in point no (l) of Section VI.

Once the module is uploaded in LMS, vendor’s role is not required subsequently.
15 The collaborative environment referred to here Under Level 4, point 5 –may be explained. The collaborative environment indicates facility of interaction with other learners and learning facilitators.
16 What is the meaning of ‘Weights assigned for evaluation’, indicated on Page 25 point (f)?

Point (g) may also be explained.
The prices to be quoted for each level of e-Learning Module have been assigned different weights as shown at para (f) and evaluation of both Technical and Commercial bids will be carried out as detailed in Section VIII.
17 Please explain in-build authoring tools/environment. Not specified.
18 What is the terminal objective of the training? (Knowledge transfer/Skill building/ Judgement capability building). All the three.
19 Who is the target audience for the training? Employees of RBI
20 Will the first set of courses developed be in English? Yes
21 Please explain course specification document as a deliverable for the project. Yes
22 Any specification on authoring tool to be used for development of the course? Please refer to point (b) of Section V- Scope of the Work.
23 Will Informative team be provided with a single point of contact for all project communication from client side? Yes
24 How many rounds of review are to be scoped for all interim and final deliverables? Depends upon the SME from RBI and representative of the vendor, based on the course content. May be 5 reviews on an average.
25 Are there any client premise visits envisaged during development of the project? As indicated above.
26 How will the beans address situations where the bank requests change in some signed-off deliverables as that will be change request and involve separate billing for the additional work done? It will depend upon the type of change. The vendor needs to provide warranty in terms of para (b) of Section X.
27 Will the base content shared be final in nature and not go through any changes during the course of development? Base content is not final. It will be discussed and finalised by the SME of RBI and vendor representative.
28 If the output exceeds the defined duration, then would the extra duration of output developed be billed on a pro rate basis? The billing will be on per slide basis, not on duration basis.
29 How much is the transaction fees to be paid? 0.05 per cent of the estimated cost, subject to a maximum of Rs.15,000/-.
30 Please clarify whether the price to be quoted is inclusive of the taxes. Yes, as specified at Price Bid – Part II- (Note- 3) – Page 33.
31 Submission of EMD. EMD shall be either remitted through NEFT/RTGS or submitted in the form of Bank Guarantee. Not through both.
32 Please clarify on the estimated cost mentioned in the document, i.e. 80 lacs, what is the basis of this estimate? Cumulative Estimate for three years- 2019-2022
33 This is estimated value for each vendor or is it cumulative? Cumulative Estimate for three years- 2019-2022.
34 Is there scope for increment on the benchmark price year on year or the cost remains the same? No. There will not be any increment on benchmark price.
35 Please define similar works? Similar Work is defined as providing ‘Design, Development and Maintenance Support of e-Learning Content’ as indicated at para (b) of Section IV.
36 The scope of work has e-learning as one of the elements form the entire project scope, we understand that this will qualify as similar works. Yes
37 In a situation of Non-disclosure agreement and confidentiality with the clients, will a CA certified self-declaration suffice as supporting document? Client Certificate shall be submitted as per the format at Annexure IX.

Certificate issued by the client with all relevant information as per the format at Annexure IX will suffice.
38 Client certificate regarding performance of the contractor for the qualifying works. It is difficult to procure the signed letter from private organizations for the work already executed, within the stipulated time. Will self-declarations along with the copy of the agreement suffice this requirement. Client Certificate shall be submitted as per the format at Annexure IX.

Certificate issued by the client with all relevant information as per the format at Annexure IX will suffice.
40 Please clarify on "Scorming to be done at Learning Object Level"? The scorming is to be done at the complete course level.
41 Whether the e-Learning content need to be delivered through mobile devices, tablets etc. The contract is for three years from 2019 to 2022. During this period, it may be required. The required technical standard will be provided to Bidder for development as and when e-Learning content for such devices are required to be developed.
42 Whether the course is meant for this differently abled (visually impaired). Not envisaged at this stage.
43 Will the bank provide access to its LSO by SAP to the empaneled vendors? No
44 Will the bank provide the accommodation/travel cost separately for periodical meetings and SME discussions? The Bank will not provide accommodation/travel cost for meetings of developer with SME.
45 Explain the totals for evaluation scorecard and their breakup. Maximum mark to be secured is shown as indicated at para (d) of Section VIII.
47 Explain equal opportunities for allotting the purchase orders for all empaneled vendors. The number of courses developed during three years will be evenly distributed among empanelled vendors.
48 Is there a fixed turnaround time for UAT? No. The turnaround time for UAT depends upon the complexity of the course.
49 Will the User Acceptance criterion be defined at the time of issuing the PO with the work order? Yes. As per the contract.
50 Will a successful delivery be considered when the deliverable is released to UAT? Successful delivery will be considered when the deliverable is successfully uploaded in Bank’s LMS system.
51 Is it correct that, during the warranty period only LMS specific requirements related to changes in technology, modifications or customizations with respect to technology will be covered under warranty at no additional cost and any change of scope of the content will be billed as per the rate quoted?. Yes
52 Please define what do you consider as a slide, is it input slide or output slide? On an average how many slides will be there in one e-Learning module? How would it be measured in a case of multimedia output? The e-learning module will have approximately 90 minutes duration. One screen may have more than one slide. The total number of slides for the complete module may typically range from 60-100.
53 Issues with registration on the portal, please suggest who can help us with this issue. We are not able to register our digital signatures Normally there will not be any difficulty in registering with the portal. However, vendors can contact MSTC personnel, whose contact details are also given in the tender document.
54 Whether partnership firms will be permitted to bid for this work? Yes. Partnership firm can also participate in the tender. In proof of the same the bidder has to furnish documentary evidence such as copy of the Certificate of Registration / Partnership Deed and any other relevant documents and should qualify all other tender conditions.
55 Whether the requirement that the bidder be in existence for at least five years be relaxed provided that the bidder’s professionals have executed similar work for at least five years? Relaxation in eligibility criteria is not acceptable.
56 Whether work-orders for similar work executed by the firm in the last two years be considered instead of only those work order which are issued prior to April 30, 2014? Relaxation in eligibility criteria is not acceptable.
57 Whether similar work undertaken with insurance firms falls under the definition of "Financial Sector" as per the Eligibility Criteria? Yes
58 Whether relaxation in the requirement of average annual turnover of over Rs.5 Crore for the last 3 years considered, provided the bidder has started business newly? Relaxation in eligibility criteria is not acceptable.

List of Participants

Sl. No. Name of Company Participant Name
1 ANSR Source India Pvt. Ltd. Shri Madhu Prasad
Shri Naveen Rai
2 HTC Global Services Dr. B Muthu Kumar
Ms. Sharmila C
3 Sify Tech Ltd. Shri R Saravana Kumar
4 C & K Management Ltd. Shri Nishatha
5 Globarena Tech Pvt. Ltd. Shri Surya Kumar
6 Chrysalis Shri Swami Viswanathan
7 Manipal Technologies Ltd. Shri Mahendran
Shri Tony

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