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Date : Jan 19, 1999
Application for release of exchange for studies abroad (Form TRS)

Slip 2

[AD/MA 3/1999]

( Item XVI of Part A of Annexure I to Chapter 8)

Application for release of exchange for studies abroad

Documentation :

  1. Certified copy of relevant pages of applicant’s passport.
  2. Letter of admission in original (to be returned to the applicant) with a certified copy thereof (to be retained by the A.D.) received from the foreign educational institution or a firm of Chartered Accountant in the U.K. indicating the date of commencement of the course and the duration of the course.


Student’s name








Details of current passport

(a) No. & date of issue

(b) Place of issue

(c) By whom issued



Details of the proposed course of study

(a) Name of the overseas educational
institution etc.

(b) Particulars of the course (including duration)

(c) Date of commencement of course



Foreign Exchange required for the year

(a) Total amount required

(b) Exchange already availed of for the course

(c) Amount required now :

i) Amount in cash

ii) Amount in T/Cs

iii) Amount in DD


I declare that I have read the instructions of my/*student’s eligibility as given overleaf and undertake that under no circumstances I/*student will draw exchange exceeding the eligibility.

I certify that the statements made above are true to the best of my knowledge and belief.

(Signature of the student/*applicant)

Name & address of the________________________

applicant ________________________

Place :

Date :

* Strike out whichever is not applicable


Entitlement of exchange for studies abroad

  1. U.S.$ 30,000 per annum towards tuition fees, maintenance expenses, books, etc.
  2. Exchange in excess of U.S.$ 30,000 per annum would be available at actuals to the extent of the requirement of exchange indicated by overseas educational institution.
  3. The amount of scholarship, if any, received by student will be adjusted against the exchange admissible to the student only to the extent desired by the applicant.
  4. Student who is in receipt of full sponsorship from a close relative will be eligible for full exchange if he desires not to avail of the relative’s hospitality.
  5. In case letter of admission does not indicate exchange requirement, exchange may be released by authorised dealers upto U.S.$ 15,000 subject to adjustment while releasing further exchange.
  6. Exchange will be released for a period of one year at a time. Further exchange will be available on production of documentary evidence to show that student is continuing studies abroad for the same course or any other at the same or any other educational institution.
  7. Exchange will be available as under :-

Currency notes


U.S.$ 500 *

Travellers’ cheques


U.S.$ 1,500

Bank draft/TT in favour of the student


For balance amount

* In the case of students proceeding to Russia and other Republics of CIS countries entire exchange admissible can be availed of in the form of currency notes.