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Annual Accounts Data


This site provides bank-wise information on liabilities and assets and earnings and expenses of scheduled commercial banks (including Regional Rural Banks) for the period 1989-90 to 2000-01. The information contained in the site is based on the published annual accounts of banks. Besides detailed annual accounts data, a number of ratios have also been included. The site incorporates intelligent search/selection features that allow extraction of data in a manner useful for the analysis. 

The work of preparation of this site was organised in the Division of Banking Studies, Department of Statistical Analysis and Computer Services of the Bank. Considerable time and effort have been spent in collating, compiling and ensuring extensive coverage and accuracy of the data. The officers and staff deserve deep appreciation.

It is hoped that this publication will be useful to all academic researchers, policy makers and bankers.

Rakesh Mohan
Deputy Governor
November 5, 2002