to this outreach effort of the Reserve Bank of India - India's central Bank. As the central bank of the country, we endeavour to preserve the value of your money in more than one way; empowering you with information on how to preserve your wealth is just one of them.

On this site, which is one of the ways of reaching you, we will try to give you information that you can use, in your own language. To begin with, you can read about the role and functions of the Reserve Bank of India and how is India's central bank relevant to you. You can also read the RBI regulations that govern your relationship with your bank. You can ask us questions and clarify your doubts and even lodge a complaint against deficient service rendered by your bank, non-banking finance company, a payment system participant or by any of the RBI department or office. We will also provide you with information on money, banking and finance - some interesting, other useful. Because ...

...We believe that empowerment of the common person is the surest and the safest way to preservation of wealth.