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     Financial Education and RBI

Financial Inclusion and Education are two important elements in the Reserve Bank of India's developmental role. Towards this, it has created critical volume of literature and has uploaded on its website in 13 languages for banks and other stakeholders to download and use. The aim of this initiative is to create awareness about financial products and services, good financial practices, going digital and consumer protection.

The Financial Literacy Week is an initiative by RBI to promote awareness on key topics every year through a focused campaign.

Financial Literacy Week 2023 will be observed from February 13-17, 2023 on the theme of “Good Financial Behaviour - Your Saviour”. The messages disseminated during the week will focus on a) Savings, planning, and budgeting (poster) (leaflet) (video) , and b) Prudent use of digital financial services (poster 1) (poster 2) (leaflet 1) (leaflet 2) (video 1) (video 2). The promotional material has been uploaded in the 'Downloads' tab under the heading "Financial Literacy Week 2023"

FAME (Financial Awareness Messages)