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Q.5 Have you ever visited the following pages?

Q.6 Do you use any of the following features on the site?

 Q.7 How much time do you normally spend on the website?

Q.8 Do you easily find the information that you look for?

Q.9 Have you used the improved search tab/button on this website?

Q.10 Do you find it useful?

Q.11 If not RBI search engine, which search engine do you use to find information on RBI site?

Q.12 Do you visit the RBI site in regional languages?

Q.13 Do you find the pages in regional languages useful?

 Q.14 What kind of RBI information would you like to see in your own language?

Q.15 How active are you on social media?

Q.16 Which social media sites do you access?

Q.17 Have you subscribed to RSS on RBI website?

Q.18 Do you follow RBI on Twitter?

Q.19 Have you viewed videos on RBIs YouTube channel?

Q.20 Do you think RBI should be present on Facebook?

Q.21 Would you want to see RBI on LinkedIn?

Q.22 Would you want to see RBI on any other social media?

Q.23 Should RBI site have features like 

Q.24 Have you visited the Functionwise Sites on this website?

Q.25 Do you find information more easily from Functionwise sites than from the Default site?

Q.26 Have you downloaded RBI's official mobile application?

Q.27 Which section(s) of the mobile application do you visit the most?


Q.28 Please rate the RBI site on the following:

 Design and layout
 Content quality
 Search facility
 Overall website
 Ease of file downloading

Q.29 Please give your suggestions to make the mobile application more useful.

Q.30 This space is for you to make any other suggestions on RBI Website.

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