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Draft Vision Document for Urban Co-operative Banks - Conclusion

10. Conclusion

Every authority concerned with Co-operative sector will have to play its part in ensuring that the aspirations of the Urban Co-operative Banking sector are nurtured in a manner that depositor interest and the public interest at large is protected. The role of RBI could, thus, be to frame a regulatory and supervisory regime that is multi-layered to capture the heterogeneity of the sector and implement policies that would provide adequate elbowroom for the sector to grow in a non-disruptive manner. The State and Central Governments could recognize that the UCBs are not just co-operative societies but they are essentially banking entities whose management structure is that of a co-operative. They should recognize the systemic impact that inefficient functioning of the entities in the sector could have. Consequently, it would be in the interest of the sector if they support, facilitate and empower the RBI to put in place mechanisms and systems that would enable these UCBs to perform their banking functions in a manner that is in the overall interest of the depositor and the public at large.