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Draft Vision Document for Urban Co-operative Banks - Developmental Role of RBI

9. Developmental Role of RBI

9.1 The Reserve Bank may have to provide assistance to the UCBs, more particularly the smaller ones, in improving their skill levels. Since the College of Agricultural Banking is already providing training facilities to the UCBs, this institution could be used as the forum for doing so. Keeping in view the financial implications for banks, for providing quality training, the cost of training programmes could be largely subsidised by the Reserve Bank for the Unit banks falling under Tier I.

9.2 The Reserve Bank has been encouraging the UCBs to invest in government securities by stipulating that a portion of the SLR investments are held in the form of these securities. There is an inherent advantage in holding a part of the SLR investments in G-Secs as otherwise the banks are required to keep their entire SLR in higher tier co-operative banks, the financial position of which may itself be uncertain. At the same time it would be necessary to ensure that the UCBs are not put to any difficulty in buying and selling the securities. To address this issue Reserve Bank may, through its Regional Directors, liaise with the network of Primary Dealers to put in place an appropriate arrangement in this regard.