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Date : Dec 24, 2019
Sr. No. Particulars
Chapter I: Perspectives
Chapter II: Global Banking Developments
1. Introduction
2. The Macro-Financial Environment
3. Performance of the Global Banking Sector
4. World’s Largest Banks
5. Global Banking Policy Developments
6. Summing up
Chapter III: Policy Environment
1. Introduction
2. Monetary Policy and Liquidity Management
3. Prudential Policies
4. Regulatory Policies
5. Supervisory Policies
6. Non-Banking Financial Companies
7. Credit Delivery and Financial Inclusion
8. Consumer Protection
9. Payment and Settlement Systems
10. Overall Assessment
Chapter IV: Operations and Performance of Commercial Banks
1. Introduction
2. Balance Sheet Analysis
3. Financial Performance
4. Soundness Indicators
5. Sectoral Bank Credit: Distribution and NPAs
6. Operations of SCBs in the Capital Market
7. Ownership Pattern in Scheduled Commercial Banks
8. Foreign Banks’ Operations in India and Overseas Operations of Indian Banks
9. Payment Systems and Scheduled Commercial Banks
10. Consumer Protection
11. Financial Inclusion
12. Regional Rural Banks
13. Local Area Banks
14. Small Finance Banks
15. Payments Banks
16. Overall Assessment
Chapter V: Developments in Co-operative Banking
1. Introduction
2. Urban Co-operative Banks
3. Rural Co-operatives
4. Long-term Rural Co-operatives
5. Overall Assessment
Chapter VI: Non-Banking Financial Institutions
1. Introduction
2. Non-Banking Financial Companies
3. All India Financial Institutions
4. Primary Dealers
5. Overall Assessment
List of Boxes
II.1 Opportunities and Challenges of Green Finance
III.1 Asset Quality and Profitability: Does Prudence Pay?
IV.1 Threshold Bank Capital and Lending
IV.2 Is Regional Banking Penetration in India Converging?
V.1 Co-operative Banks: A Cross-Country Comparison
V.2 Drivers of Profitability of Scheduled Urban Co-operative Banks (SUCBs)
VI.1 Policy Measures for NBFC Sector
List of Tables
II.1 Return on Assets
II.2 Capital to Risk-Weighted Assets Ratio
II.3 Non-performing Loans Ratio
II.4 Leverage Ratio
IV.1 Consolidated Balance Sheet of Scheduled Commercial Banks
IV.2 Flow of Financial Resources to Commercial Sector
IV.3 Bank Group-wise Maturity Profile of Select Liabilities/Assets
IV.4 Trends in Income and Expenditure of Scheduled Commercial Banks
IV.5 Cost of Funds and Return on Funds - Bank Group-wise
IV.6 Return on Assets and Return on Equity of SCBs – Bank Group-wise
IV.7 Component-wise Capital Adequacy of SCBs
IV.8 Trends in Non-performing Assets - Bank Group-wise
IV.9 Classification of Loan Assets - Bank Group-wise
IV.10 NPAs of SCBs Recovered through Various Channels
IV.11 Details of Financial Assets Securitised by ARCs
IV.12 Frauds in Various Banking Operations Based on the Date of Reporting
IV.13 Frauds in Various Banking Operations Based on the Date of Occurrence
IV.14 Sectoral Deployment of Gross Bank Credit
IV.15 Priority Sector Lending by Banks
IV.16 Sector-wise GNPAs of Banks
IV.17 Operations of Foreign Banks in India
IV.18 Nature of Complaints at BOs
IV.19 Progress under Financial Inclusion Plans, All SCBs (including RRBs)
IV.20 Tier-wise Break-up of Newly Opened Bank Branches by SCBs
IV.21 ATMs
IV.22 Number of ATMs of SCBs at Various Centres
IV.23 Credit Flow to the MSME Sector by SCBs
IV.24 Consolidated Balance Sheet of Regional Rural Banks
IV.25 Purpose-wise Outstanding Advances by RRBs
IV.26 Financial Performance of Regional Rural Banks
IV.27 Profile of Local Area Banks
IV.28 Financial Performance of Local Area Banks
IV.29 Consolidated Balance Sheet of Small Finance Banks
IV.30 Purpose-wise Outstanding Advances by Small Finance Banks
IV.31 Financial Performance of Small Finance Banks
IV.32 Consolidated Balance Sheet of Payments Banks
IV.33 Financial Performance of Payments Banks
IV.34 Select Financial Ratios of Payments Banks
IV.35 Remittances through Payments Banks during 2018-19
V.1 Tier-wise Distribution of Urban Co-operative Banks
V.2 Liabilities and Assets of Urban Co-operative Banks
V.3 Distribution of UCBs by Size of Deposits and Advances
V.4 Investments by Urban Co-operative Banks
V.5 Rating-wise Distribution of UCBs
V.6 CRAR-wise Distribution of UCBs
V.7 Non-performing Assets of UCBs
V.8 Financial Performance of Scheduled and Non-scheduled Urban Co-operative Banks
V.9 Select Profitability Indicators of UCBs
V.10 Composition of Credit to Priority Sectors by UCBs
V.11 Share in Credit Flow – Rural Co-operatives
V.12 A Profile of Rural Co-operatives
V.13 Liabilities and Assets of State Co-operative Banks
V.14 Select Balance Sheet Indicators of Scheduled State Co-operative Banks
V.15 Financial Performance of State Co-operative Banks
V.16 Soundness Indicators: State Co-operative Banks
V.17 Liabilities and Assets of District Central Co-operative Banks
V.18 Financial Performance of District Central Co-operative Banks
V.19 Soundness Indicators: District Central Co-operative Banks
VI.1 Classification of NBFCs by Activity
VI.2 Ownership Pattern of NBFCs
VI.3 Abridged Balance Sheet of NBFCs
VI.4 Major Components of Liabilities and Assets of NBFCs-ND-SI by Activity
VI.5 Major Components of Liabilities and Assets of NBFCs-D by Activity
VI.6 Sectoral Credit Deployment by NBFCs
VI.7 Sources of Borrowings of NBFCs-ND-SI
VI.8 Financial Parameters of the NBFC Sector
VI.9 Ownership Pattern of HFCs
VI.10 Consolidated Balance Sheet of HFCs
VI.11 Financial Ratios of HFCs
VI.12 Financial Assistance Sanctioned and Disbursed by AIFIs
VI.13 AIFIs’ Balance Sheet
VI.14 Resources Mobilised by AIFIs’ in 2018-19
VI.15 Resources Raised by AIFIs’ from Money Market
VI.16 Pattern of AIFIs’ Sources and Deployment of Funds
VI.17 Financial Performance of AIFIs
VI.18 AIFIs’ Select Financial Parameters
VI.19 Performance of PDs in the Primary Market
VI.20 Performance of SPDs in the G-secs Secondary Market
VI.21 Sources and Applications of SPDs’ Funds
VI.22 Financial Performance of SPDs
VI.23 SPDs’ Financial Indicators
List of Charts
II.1 The Macro Backdrop
II.2 Growth in Bank Credit to the Private Non-financial Sector
II.3 Market-based Indicators of Bank Health
II.4 Distribution of Top 100 Banks by Tier-I Capital
II.5 Profitability and Asset Quality of Top 100 Banks
II.6 Bank Soundness of Top 100 Banks
IV.1 Balance Sheet of SCBs
IV.2 Deposits and Borrowings of SCBS
IV.3 Bank Group-wise Growth in Advances
IV.4 Change in Credit Composition
IV.5 Trends in Credit Ratios
IV.6 Asset-Liability Gaps by Maturity Buckets
IV.7 International Liabilities and Assets of Banks
IV.8 On and Off-balance Sheet Liabilities of Banks
IV.9 Provisioning and Profitability
IV.10 Provision Coverage Ratio
IV.11 Distribution of Capital Ratios
IV.12 Leverage Ratio
IV.13 Liquidity Coverage Ratio
IV.14 Asset Quality of Banks
IV.15 Stress in Large Borrowal Accounts
IV.16 Stressed Asset Sales to ARCs
IV.17 Sectoral Distribution
IV.18 Sectoral NPAs of SCBs
IV.19 Sectoral Loans: PSBs vs PVBs
IV.20 Credit to Priority Sectors – All SCBs
IV.21 Growth in Lending to Sensitive Sectors
IV.22 Resources Raised by Banks through Private Placements
IV.23 Government Shareholding in Select PSBs
IV.24 Components of Payment Systems
IV.25 Payment System Transactions: Growth
IV.26 Population Group-wise Complaints Received at BOs
IV.27 Bank Group-wise Break-up of Major Complaint Types: 2018-19
IV.28 Financial Inclusion amongst Poorest 40 per cent
IV.29 PMJDY Accounts: Distribution and Average Balance
IV.30 SCBs’ ATMs vs White-label ATMs
IV.31 Regional Shares in Deposits, Credit and Branches
IV.32 Population per Branch
V.1 The Structure of Co-operatives by Asset Size
V.2 Number of UCBs
V.3 UCB Mergers (Cumulative: 2004 to 2019)
V.4 UCBs: Consolidation and Asset Size
V.5 Asset Growth of UCBs
V.6 Distribution of UCBs by Asset size
V.7 Deposits: UCBs versus SCBs
V.8 Distribution of UCBs
V.9 Credit-Deposit and Investment-Deposit Ratio: UCBs versus SCBs
V.10 Distribution of Number and Business of UCBs - by Rating Categories
V.11 Distribution of UCBs by CRAR
V.12 Non-performing Assets: UCBs versus SCBs
V.13 NPAs and PCR – UCBs
V.14 Profitability Indicators- SUCBs versus NSUCBs
V.15 Relative Contribution of Short-term versus Long-term Co-operatives
V.16 Resource Composition: Short-term Co-operatives
V.17 NPA Ratio: A Comparison
V.18 StCBs: Regional Patterns
V.19 Credit-Deposit Ratio: StCBs and DCCBs
V.20 DCCBs: Regional Patterns
V.21 StCBs versus DCCBs
VI.1 Structure of NBFIs under the Reserve Bank’s Regulation
VI.2 Registrations and Cancellations of CoR of NBFCs
VI.3 Distribution of NBFC Credit
VI.4 3-month CP rates: NBFCs and non-NBFCs
VI.5 Borrowings of NBFCs-ND-SI
VI.6 Instruments of Bank Lending to NBFCs-ND-SI
VI.7 Public Deposits of NBFCs-D
VI.8 Profitability Ratios of NBFCs
VI.9 Profitability Indicators of NBFCs-ND-SI
VI.10 Profitability Indicators of NBFCs-D
VI.11 Asset Quality of NBFCs
VI.12 Classification of NBFCs Assets
VI.14 NBFCs-ND-SI: Stressed Assets and Credit Growth by Sector
VI.15 Gross and Net NPA Ratios of NBFCs-D
VI.16 Capital Position of NBFCs
VI.17 CRAR of NBFCs by Category
VI.18 Exposure to Sensitive Sectors
VI.19 Credit to Housing sector by HFCs and SCBs
VI.20 Resources Mobilised by HFCs
VI.21 Deposits of HFCs
VI.22 Dissection of HFCs’ Deposits
VI.23 Financial Parameters of HFCs
VI.24 NPA Ratios of HFCs
VI.25 Ownership Pattern of AIFIs
VI.26 Weighted Average Cost and Maturity of Rupee Resources Raised by AIFIs
VI.27 Long-term PLR Structure of Select AIFIs
VI.28 AIFIs’ Financial Ratios
VI.29 Select Financial Parameters of AIFIs
VI.30 AIFIs’ Net NPAs
VI.31 AIFIs’ Assets Classification
VI.32 Average Rate of Underwriting Commission of PDs
VI.33 Capital and Risk Weighted Asset Position of SPDs
List of Appendix Tables
IV.1 Indian Banking Sector at a Glance
IV.2 Off-Balance Sheet Exposure of Scheduled Commercial Banks in India
IV.3 Kisan Credit Card Scheme: State-wise Progress
IV.4 Bank Group-wise Lending to the Sensitive Sectors
IV.5 Shareholding Pattern of Domestic Scheduled Commercial Banks
IV.6 Overseas Operations of Indian Banks
IV.7 Branches and ATMs of Scheduled Commercial Banks
IV.8 Statement of Complaints Received at Banking Ombudsman Office
IV.9 International Liabilities of Banks in India – By Type of Instruments
IV.10 International Assets of Banks in India – By Type of Instruments
IV.11 Consolidated International Claims of Banks: Residual Maturity and Sector
IV.12 Consolidated International Claims of Banks on Countries other than India
IV.13 Progress of Microfinance Programmes
V.1 Select Financial Parameters: Scheduled UCBs
V.2 Indicators of Financial Performance: Scheduled UCBs
V.3 Indicators of Financial Health: State Co-operative Banks
V.4 Indicators of Financial Health: District Central Co-operative Banks
V.5 Primary Agricultural Credit Societies
V.6 Indicators of Primary Agricultural Credit Societies-State-wise
V.7 Details of Members and Borrowers of Primary Agricultural Credit Societies
V.8 Liabilities and Assets of State Co-operative Agriculture and Rural Development Banks
V.9 Financial Performance of State Co-operative Agriculture and Rural Development Banks
V.10 Asset Quality of State Co-operative Agriculture and Rural Development Banks
V.11 Financial Indicators: State Co-operative Agriculture and Rural Development Banks
V.12 Liabilities and Assets of Primary Co-operative Agriculture and Rural Development Banks
V.13 Financial Performance of Primary Co-operative Agriculture and Rural Development Banks
V.14 Asset Quality of Primary Co-operative Agriculture and Rural Development Banks
V.15 Financial Indicators: Primary Co-operative Agriculture and Rural Developments Banks
VI.1 Consolidated Balance Sheet of NBFCs-ND-SI
VI.2 Consolidated Balance Sheet of NBFCs-D
VI.3 Credit to Various Sectors by NBFCs
VI.4 Financial Performance of NBFCs-ND-SI
VI.5 Financial Performance of NBFCs-Deposit Taking
VI.6 Financial Assistance Sanctioned and Disbursed by Financial Institutions
VI.7 Financial Performance of Primary Dealers
VI.8 Select Financial Indicators of Primary Dealers