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Date : Jul 08, 2009
Human Resources Development Department

HRDD Vision

The Vision of the Human Resources Development Department (HRDD) is essentially to facilitate the Bank to carry out central banking activities, i.e.

(i) To create an enabling environment to enhance the efficiency of the organization
(ii) To draw out from our staff the very best by a system of proper placements, incentives, &
(iii) To create an atmosphere of trust, a certain security of expectations and a feeling that the organization cares about the well being and personal aspirations of the staff. This would help align personal aspirations with professional goals and help enhance efficiency

HRDD Mission

The Mission of HRDD is to create a facilitating environment to enhance the efficiency of the Bank; to empower the staff so as to draw out the latent potential; and to catalyze conditions for a more wholesome quality of life on the work as well as personal front.

Functions of HRDD

a) To evolve HR policies on

• Recruitment       
• Performance and Potential Appraisal 
• Placement      
• Promotion and Career Progression 
• Out of Turn Promotion/ Increment to Sports Person    
• Industrial Relations 
• Deputation / Secondment                
•  Compensation Policy 
• Retirement and Voluntary Vacation           
• Motivation 
• Training Establishments                 
• Mobility (Transfer/Rotation) 
• Remuneration and Reward Mechanism        
• Staff Welfare 
• Communication        
• Organisational Development 
• Training and Skills Upgradation (Policy and Implementation, both)          
• Medical

b) Other than policy aspects

• Interface with other institutions, government, central banks, etc. on HRD issues 
• To maintain up to date database on human resources in the Bank and undertake analytical studies and ongoing research on different manpower related issues 
• To make ongoing review of the appraisal system in order to make it an effective tool for HRD policy management 
• To install and implement an effective counseling system 
• To design career and succession plans   
• To review and revitalize the training functions          
• Summer Placement 
• Formulate and administer the Staff Suggestion Scheme 
• Publication of House Journal, Without Reserve