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Date : May 19, 2006
Enterprise Knowledge Portal for Reserve Bank of India– Tender Document

Reserve Bank of India
Department of Information Technology
Central Office
Mumbai-400 001


Sealed QUOTATIONS are invited for Development, Installation, Operationalisation and Maintenance of Enterprise Knowledge Portal for Reserve Bank of India.

Only such of those bidders who qualify the following criteria are eligible to participate in this tender.

  • The bidder shall provide evidence that it is a current legal entity.

  • The bidder shall demonstrate that it is already engaged in the provision of at least three similar end-to-end systems and services comprising supply, installation and operationalisation of similar Knowledge Portal to other organisation either within or outside the country during last 5 years. The application should be in use.

  • The bidder shall provide references (including Referee names and contact details and any other details sought for by RBI from time to time) in respect of their implementation of similar projects undertaken by them in the last three years in the format specified in Annexure III of the tender document.

  • The bidder shall furnish duly approved copies of its Balance Sheets and Profit and Loss Statements for the last three years. Bidder shall warrant it’s financial solvency i.e. it shall be able to meet all its liabilities and debts as and when they fall due.

  • Vendor’s Application Software development processes must be certified at least SEI-CMM Level 5. The certification should be currently valid;
  • The Vendor should be able to ensure availability of technical supporting team in Mumbai as and when required during the contract period;

  • The documents supporting eligibility criteria shall be submitted separately along with the forwarding letter and shall not be put in the sealed envelopes containing technical or commercial bids.

  • The bidders shall offer a minimum of one (and preferably two) on-site inspection opportunities of similar projects that have been implemented by them.

  • The bidder shall commit in writing to implement and operationalise the Project as per the time schedule indicated elsewhere in this RFP.

  • The Vendor shall enclose along with the tender an Earnest Money Bank Guarantee valid for six months (180 days) from the RFP closing Date. The Earnest Money Bank Guarantee shall be in the format prescribed in Annexure IV and issued by a scheduled commercial Bank in India acceptable to RBI for an amount equal to Rupees One lakh only

The tender document is available on RBI website www.rbi.org.in. The vendors intending to bid for the above tender may download the same for submitting their bids. Hard copy of tender Document may be obtained from the Bank on submission of a written request to The Chief General Manager-in-Charge, Reserve Bank of India, Department of Information Technology, Central Office, 14th Floor, Central Office Building, Shahid Bhagat Singh Marg, Fort, Mumbai- 400001

Separate technical and commercial bids in duplicate should be delivered before 3:00 p.m. on June 19 2006. Bids may be sent by registered post or hand delivery, so as to be received at the following address:

G. Padmanabhan, CGM-In-Charge,
Department of Information Technology,
Reserve Bank of India,
14th floor, Central Office Building,
Shahid Bhagat Singh Marg, Fort,
Mumbai 400 001, India.

Only those bids submitted alongwith Earnest Money Deposit (EMD) of Rs. one lakh in form of Bank Guarantee in favour of Reserve Bank of India, Mumbai will be accepted.

All queries may be sent by e-mail to the e-mail id gkkarvekar@rbi.org.in or dskulkarni@rbi.org.in. The Pre-bid meeting will be held at 3 PM on 30th May 2005 Conference Room No 3, 15th Floor, Reserve Bank of India, Central Office Building, Shahid Bhagat Singh Road, Mumbai – 400 001.

The Reserve Bank of India will not undertake to dispatch the ‘Tender Document’ to any eligible or otherwise bidder by post or by courier under any circumstances. Similarly, Reserve Bank of India will not be responsible for the delay in receipt of the ‘Tender Document’ due to postal or otherwise delay, if any, if a bidder chooses to submit the sealed ‘Tenders’ by post and or by courier, etc.

The Reserve Bank of India reserves the right to accept or reject any or all of the Tenders in full or in part without assigning any reasons

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