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Date : Sep 05, 2008
RBI expands coverage of its “Database on Indian Economy (DBIE)”
and Change in URL for Accessing DBIE site

The Reserve Bank of India has further expanded the coverage of its 'Database on Indian Economy', an on-line database built on the data warehousing technology with enhanced functionality. The coverage has been increased to include more static reports on outstanding bank credit (according to place of sanction and disbursement), performance of private corporate business sector, India’s external debt, forex rates and assets management, ownership details of Government of India Securities.

The additional reports being released through the Database on Indian Economy are:

  1. State wise Outstanding Credit of SCBs According to Place of Sanction and Utilisation

  2. Performance of Non-Government Non-Financial Companies
  3. Performance of Selected Companies according to size of Paid-up Capital
  4. Profit Allocation, Interest-linked and Profitability Ratios According to Size of Sales
  5. India's Short-term External Debt by Residual Maturity
  6. India's Key External Debt Indicators
  7. Forex Rates – Quarter end
  8. Foreign Currency Reserve Management
  9. Government of India Securities - Outstanding
  10. Ownership pattern of GOI Dated securities

With the release of these data series, the Database on Indian Economy would now have 204 static reports (subject and frequency wise), 74 subject wise and 53 frequency wise data query templates covering various sectors of the Indian economy.

To improve the response time in accessing the data series, the internet site of DBIE would now be hosted from an upgraded server. Accordingly, the URL for accessing the DBIE has been changed from to The Reserve Bank of India's Database on Indian Economy will continue to be available on its website ( under the Database Section as earlier.

Economists, statisticians, data analysts and market participants may find this site more useful with the increased coverage and response time. Feedback is received through a feedback link on the site. This feedback is considered valuable and helps in further improving the coverage of data series in the system.

G. Raghuraj
Deputy General Manager

Press Release : 2008-2009/293

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