Money is an intrinsic component of the cultural heritage of a country mirroring its socio-economic history. India was one of the earliest issuers of coinage in the world and has been home to many-a-monetary experiment recorded in history.

The RBI Monetary Museum aims at documenting and preserving this heritage. The Museum proposes to put in place permanent, temporary and itinerant exhibits of the representative coinage of India, paper currency, gold bars as well as financial instruments and curiosities down the ages. It also aims at stimulating research and study on the evolution of money around the Indian Ocean Rim and disseminating information to the Public anent currency & finance.

The proposed Museum may take a while to be set up. This site will be supplemented in the days to come. The matter appearing on this site is merely informative and may not be construed as data published by the Bank. Information, viewer contributions and correspondence may be addressed to


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