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Date: 17/04/2020
COVID19 Regulatory Package - Asset Classification and Provisioning


April 17, 2020

All Commercial Banks (including Small Finance Banks, Local Area Banks and Regional Rural Banks)
All Primary (Urban) Co-operative Banks/State Co-operative Banks/ District Central Co-operative Banks
All All-India Financial Institutions
All Non-Banking Financial Companies (including Housing Finance Companies)

Madam/Dear Sir,

COVID19 Regulatory Package - Asset Classification and Provisioning

Please refer to the Governor’s Statement of April 17, 2020 announcing certain additional regulatory measures aimed at alleviating the lingering impact of Covid19 pandemic on the businesses and financial institutions in India, consistent with the globally coordinated action committed by the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision. In this regard, the detailed instructions with regard to asset classification and provisioning are as follows:

(i) Asset Classification under the Prudential norms on Income Recognition, Asset Classification (IRAC)

2. In terms of the circular DOR.No.BP.BC.47/21.04.048/2019-20 dated March 27, 2020 (‘Regulatory Package’), the lending institutions were permitted to grant a moratorium of three months on payment of all term loan instalments falling due between March 1, 2020 and May 31, 2020 (‘moratorium period’). As such, in line with the clarification provided by the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision, in respect of all accounts classified as standard as on February 29, 2020, even if overdue, the moratorium period, wherever granted, shall be excluded by the lending institutions from the number of days past-due for the purpose of asset classification under the IRAC norms.

3. Similarly in respect of working capital facilities sanctioned in the form of cash credit/overdraft (“CC/OD”), the Regulatory Package permitted the recovery of interest applied during the period from March 1, 2020 upto May 31, 2020 to be deferred (‘deferment period’). Such deferment period, wherever granted in respect of all facilities classified as standard, including SMA, as on February 29, 2020, shall be excluded for the determination of out of order status.

4. NBFCs which are required to comply with Indian Accounting Standards (IndAS) shall, as hitherto, continue to be guided by the guidelines duly approved by their Boards and as per ICAI Advisories for recognition of the impairments.

(ii) Provisioning

5. In respect of accounts in default but standard where provisions of paragraphs (2) and (3) above are applicable, and asset classification benefit is extended, lending institutions shall make general provisions of not less than 10 per cent of the total outstanding of such accounts, to be phased over two quarters as under:

(i) Quarter ended March 31, 2020 – not less than 5 per cent

(ii) Quarter ending June 30, 2020 – not less than 5 per cent

6. The above provisions may be adjusted against the actual provisioning requirements for slippages from the accounts reckoned for such provisions. The residual provisions at the end of the financial year can be written back or adjusted against the provisions required for all other accounts.

7. The above provisions shall not be reckoned for arriving at net NPAs till they are adjusted against the actual provisioning requirements as under paragraph 6 above. Further, till such adjustments, these provisions shall not be netted from gross advances but shown separately in the balance sheet as appropriate.

8. All other provisions required to be maintained by lending institutions, including the provisions for accounts already classified as NPA as on February 29, 2020 as well as subsequent ageing in these accounts, shall continue to be made in the usual manner.

Other Conditions

9. The exclusions permitted in terms of para 2 and 3 above shall be duly reckoned by the lending institutions in their supervisory reporting as well as reporting to credit information companies (CICs); i.e., the days past due and SMA status, where applicable, as on March 1, 2020 will remain unchanged till May 31, 2020.

10. The lending institutions shall suitably disclose the following in the ‘Notes to Accounts’ while preparing their financial statements for the half year ending September 30, 2020 as well as the financial years 2019-20 and 2020-2021:

(i) Respective amounts in SMA/overdue categories, where the moratorium/deferment was extended, in terms of paragraph 2 and 3;

(ii) Respective amount where asset classification benefits is extended.

(iii) Provisions made during the Q4FY2020 and Q1FY2021 in terms of paragraph 5;

(iv) Provisions adjusted during the respective accounting periods against slippages and the residual provisions in terms of paragraph 6.

Yours faithfully,

(Saurav Sinha)
Chief General Manager-in-Charge

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