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Shri Shaktikanta Das Shri N. S. Vishwanathan Shri B.P. Kanungo Shri Mahesh Kumar Jain
Executive Directors
Dr. Deepak Kumar Mohanty

Inspection Department
(Shri R. L. Sharma, Chief General Manager)

Risk Monitoring Department
(Shri Gunveer Singh, Chief General Manager)

Secretary’s Department
(Shri Susobhan Sinha, Chief General Manager and Secretary)

Enforcement Department
(Shri R. Subramanian, Chief General Manager)
  Financial Stability Unit
(Shri R Gurumurthy, Chief General Manager)
Dr. M. D. Patra   Department of Economic and Policy Research
(Dr. Rajiv Ranjan, Adviser and Officer-in-Charge)

 Department of Statistics and Information Management (including Data and Information Management Unit)
(Dr. O. P. Mall, Officer-in-Charge)

Monetary Policy Department (including Forecasting and Modelling Unit)
(Dr. Janak Raj, Principal Adviser)

New Frontiers Unit
Shri M. Rajeshwar Rao Financial Markets Operation Department
(Shri R. S. Ratho, Chief General Manager

International Department
(Dr. Mridul Saggar, Adviser-in-Charge)
Legal Department
(Shri Unnikrishnan A, Legal Adviser and Officer-In-Charge)
First Appellate Authority under Right to Information Act
Smt. Malvika Sinha   Foreign Exchange Department
(Shri Ajay Kumar Misra, Chief General Manager-in-Charge)

Deposit Insurance and Credit Guarantee Corporation
Human Resource Management Department
(including HR Operations Unit)
(Shri Vivek Deep, Chief General Manager-in-Charge)
Shri S. Ganesh Kumar   Department of Payment and Settlement Systems
(Shri P. Vasudevan, Chief General Manager)

Department of External Investments and Operations
(Smt. Usha Janakiraman, Chief General Manager-in-Charge)
Corporate Strategy and Budget Department (Areas other than those reporting to CFO)
(Shri H. N. Panda, Chief General Manager)
Smt. Lily Vadera Department of Regulation
(Shri Saurav Sinha, Chief General Manager-in-Charge)

Dr. Rabi N. Mishra     Department of Supervision - I
(Shri J. K. Dash, Chief General Manager-in-Charge)
Smt. Nanda S. Dave   Department of Information Technology
(Shri Deepak Kumar, Chief General Manager-in-Charge)

Department of Currency Management
(Shri Ajay Michyari, Chief General Manager-in-Charge)

Premises Department
(Shri M. M. Majhi, Chief General Manager-in-Charge)

Shri Anil K. Sharma Department of Communication
(Shri Yogesh Dayal, Chief General Manager)

Consumer Education and Protection Department
(Shri Dambarudhar Sethy, Chief General Manager)

Financial Inclusion and Development Department
(Shri Gautam Prasad Borah, Chief General Manager-in-Charge)

Central Security Cell
(Shri K. P. Raghuvanshi, Security Adviser)

Rajbhasha Department
(Smt. Sadhana Varma, Chief General Manager)

Alternate Appellate Authority under Right to Information Act
Shri S. C. Murmu     Department of Supervision - II
(Shri J. K. Dash, Chief General Manager-in-Charge)
Shri T. Rabi Sankar Financial Markets Regulation Department (including Market Intelligence)

Internal Debt Management Department
(Shri T. K. Rajan, Chief General Manager)
Strategic Research Unit
Smt. Sudha Balakrishnan
(Chief Financial Officer)
  Department of Government and Bank Accounts
(Shri Nirmal Chand, Chief General Manager-In-Charge)
Corporate Strategy and Budget Department (Budget and Funds)
(Shri H. N. Panda, Chief General Manager)
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