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Date: 25/05/2017
Formation of new districts in the State of Arunachal Pradesh - Assignment of Lead Bank Responsibility


May 25, 2017

The Chairmen & Managing Directors
All Lead Banks

Dear Sir/Madam,

Formation of new districts in the State of Arunachal Pradesh -
Assignment of Lead Bank Responsibility

The Government of Arunachal Pradesh vide Gazette Notification dated March 3, 2014 had notified the creation of four new districts in the State of Arunachal Pradesh. It has been decided to assign the lead bank responsibility of the new districts to State Bank of India as detailed below:-

Sr No Newly carved district Erstwhile District Administrative units under the newly created district Lead Bank Responsibility assigned to District Working Code allotted to new district
1 Kurung Kumey Kurung Kumey (i) Koloriang,
(ii) Nyapin,
(iii) Patuk,
(iv) Sangram,
(v) Parsi-Parlo,
(vi) Sarli,
(vii) Damin,
(viii) Phassang,
(ix) Nyobia,
(x) Polossang,
(xi) Paniasang
State Bank of India 114
2 Kra Daadi Kurung Kumey (i) Jamin
(ii) Pania
(iii) Tali
(iv) Palin
(v) Yangte,
(vi) Chambang,
(vii) Gangte,
(viii) Tarak Langdi,
(ix) Pipsorang,
State Bank of India 385
3 Siang East and West Siang (i) Nyobo,
(ii) Boleng,
(iii) Rumgong,
(iv) Pangin,
(v) Kaying,
(vi) Riga,
(vii) Rebo-Perging,
(viii) Kebang,
(ix) Payum,
(x) Jomlo Mobuk
State Bank of India 384
4 East Siang East Siang (i) Pasighat,
(ii) Nari,
(iii) Mebo,
(iv) Ruksin,
(v) Koyu,
(vi) Bilat,
(vii) New seren,
(viii) Oyan,
(ix) Kora,
(x) Namsang,
(xi) Yagrung
State Bank of India 094
5 West Siang West Siang (i) Aalo,
(ii) Mechuka,
(iii) Basar,
(iv) Yomcha
(v) Kamba,
(vi) Likabali
(vii) Liromoba,
(viii) Gensi,
(ix) Tirbin,
(x) Tato,
(xi) Monigong
(xii) Darak,
(xiii) Kangku
(xiv) Pidi,
(xv) New daring,
(xvi) Bagra,
(xvii) Sibe
(xviii) Kombo,
(xix) Nikte
State Bank of India 093
6 Lohit Lohit (i) Tezu,
(ii) Wakro,
(iii) Sunpura.
State Bank of India 092
7 Namsai Lohit (i) Namsai,
(ii) Lekang (Mahadevpur)
(iii) Chongkam
(iv) Lathao
(v) Piyong
(vi) Upper Lekang (sic)
State Bank of India 386

2. Further, although a new district “Lower Siang” has been published in the above mentioned Gazette Notification, the boundary and administrative units of the district has not been finalized yet and hence, the district is non-functional as per the communication received from the Government of Arunachal Pradesh. Lead bank responsibility will hence be assigned separately for this district.

3. The District Working Code of the new districts have been allotted for the purpose of BSR reporting by banks.

4. There is no change in the lead bank responsibilities of the other districts in the State of Arunachal Pradesh.

Yours faithfully

(Ajay Kumar Misra)
Chief General Manager

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