the punjabi
nsBvS `Eos     n|ajE     d~]sAm~]sj  
   nsU~ dsj~     kse]suBE OsXEsjv     Asg Yj Y~ ax°N~ OsX msk~ a®o`     um°Yv un°uGAs     uoEsuBYt     p¨j n|ajE 
 ftd/;ah w[dok
 ;oekoh iwkBs piako
 r?o p?Ifezr ftZsh ezgBhnK
 G[rskB gqDkbhnK
j'w >> nkw s"o s/ g[ZS/ ikD tkb/ gq;aB - d/y'
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Date: 05/02/2007

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