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Date : May 06, 2022
Corrigendum - Global Expression of Interest (EOI) For Design, Supply, Installation, Testing and Commissioning of Banknote Shredding and Briquetting Systems (SBS) to Reserve Bank of India, Mumbai

Reserve Bank of India, Department of Currency Management, Central Office, had invited Global Expression of Interest (EOI) for Supply of Banknote Shredding and Briquetting Systems on April 8, 2022

2. In this context, it is notified that:

(a) The last date and time for submission of the EOI applications and opening of the same has been extended to 1500 hours and 1600 hours on June 3, 2022 respectively.

(b) The part of clause 5 (iv) “The average annual financial turnover of the applicant during last three financial years should be at least INR 100 Crores.” has been modified as under:

“The Average Annual Financial Turnover of the applicant should be at least INR 100 Crores for three financial years (Years with Highest Turnover) out of the last six financial years. Annual Turnover figures of previous years will be adjusted for inflation at simple rate of 7% per annum to reflect the Current Value.”

(a) The minutes of the pre-bid meeting held on April 25, 2022 are enclosed as Annex ‘A’.

(b) The clarifications to the queries raised are enclosed as Annex ‘B’. These clarifications shall be treated as part of the EOI document issued on April 8, 2022.

Chief General Manager-in-Charge
Department of Currency Management


Minutes of the Pre-Bid meeting – Global EOI for Supply of Banknote Shredding and Briquetting System (SBS)

A global EOI for procurement of SBS machines was floated on April 8, 2022. As per the Schedule in EOI, pre-bid meeting was conducted on April 25, 2022 at 1500 hours in DCM. The meeting was attended by representatives of three vendors viz. M/s G+D, M/s CPS/ Hunkeler and M/s Kusters.

Shri Divya Prakash Sinha, Independent Monitor for pre-bid/ pre-contract Integrity Pact for this EOI observed the Pre Bid meeting. Following were the participants of the meeting:

Sr. No Name
  Representative from Reserve Bank of India
1 Shri Sanjeev Prakash
2 Shri S. Thalikerappa
3 Shri P K Gupta
4 Shri M. Rajkumar
5 Shri Kuntal Kaim
6 Shri Naveen Chaudhary
7 Shri Ravi Kumar Gupta
1 Shri Neeraj Sood, M/s CPS/ Hunkeler
2 Shri Jose Philip, M/s Kusters
3 Shri Jayanta Kar, M/s G+D
4 Shri Ferdinand Storek, M/s G+D

2. The queries raised by the applicants regarding terms and conditions of the EOI document were clarified/ noted. The clarifications to the points raised by the vendors are furnished in Annex B.