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Date : Mar 03, 2021
Invitation for the publication of advertisement in newspapers regarding Redressal of complaints against entities regulated by RBI / any Department of RBI on March 14, 2021 and March 15, 2021

Reserve Bank of India, Kanpur invites e-tender for the publication of advertisement in newspapers regarding ‘Redressal of complaints against entities regulated by RBI / any Department of RBI’. The said advertisement will be published on Sunday, March 14, 2021 (in Hindi and English Daily) and on Monday, March 15, 2021 (only in English Financial Daily) in all the editions of the state of Uttar Pradesh (attachment of the specimen and areas coming under our jurisdiction enclosed). The tendering process shall be done through the e-tendering portal of MSTC Ltd (http://mstcecommerce.com/eprochome/rbi) as per the annexed terms & conditions. All eligible and interested companies / agencies / firms must register themselves with MSTC Ltd through the above-mentioned website to participate in the e-tendering process. The schedule of e-tender is as follows:

E-Tender No. RBI/Kanpur/HRMD/64/20-21/ET/616
a) Estimated cost of the tender Rs.9,28,270/- (Nine lakhs twenty-eight thousand two hundred and seventy only) (including GST and all applicable charges)
b) Mode of e-tender e-Procurement System Price Bid through www.mstcecommerce.com/eprochome/rbi
c) Type of e-tender Limited
d) Date of NIT available to parties to download March 03, 2021 at 03:00 PM
e) e-tender Fees NIL
f) Date of Starting of e-tender for submission of on-line Price Bid at http://mstcecommerce.com/eprochome/rbi March 03, 2021 at 03:00 PM
g) Date of closing of online e-tender for submission of Price Bid. March 10, 2021 at 03:00 PM
h) Date & time of opening of price bid March 10, 2021 at 03:30 PM
i) Validity of the e-tender 30 days from the date of opening of Price bid
j) Transaction Fee (Non-refundable) (To be paid separately by the tenderers to MSTC vide MSTC E-Payment Gateway for participating in the e-tender) Rs 1180/- or 0.05% of estimated amount (Excluding GST @18%) (whichever is more)

2. The Bank is not bound to accept the lowest tender and reserves the right to accept either in full or in part any tender. The Bank also reserves the right to reject all the tenders without assigning any reason thereof.

3. No quotation will be accepted with any condition quoted by the vendor what so ever. Such quotation will be rejected at the discretion of the Bank.

4. Amendments / corrigendum to the tender, if any, issued in future will only be notified on the RBI Website and MSTC Website as given above and will not be published in newspapers.

Regional Director
Reserve Bank of India