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Date : Feb 26, 2021
Minutes of Pre-bid Meeting - Providing Catering and Maintenance Services at the Officers’ Lounge and Dining Room (OLDR) and the Staff Canteen at Reserve Bank of India, Chandigarh

Extension of Last Date of Submission dated March 22, 2021

Extension of Last Date of Submission dated March 12, 2021

The captioned Meeting was held at 15:30 hrs. on Wednesday, February 24, 2021 in the Conference Room, 3rd floor of the Bank’s Main Office Building at Sector-17, Chandigarh.

1. List of Bank’s Officials who attended the meeting

a. Sh. Rajiv Narang, AGM
b. Sh. Ashish Sangra, AM
c. Smt. Mahak Saxena, AM

List of prospective bidder who attended the meeting

a. Sh. Rajkumar from Rajkumar Caterers

2. The office invited queries from the prospective bidder regarding the captioned tender. Following queries were raised:

Query Clarification Provided
What is transaction fee for Tender submission? As given in the tender document, it is charged by MSTC website as per its applicable rates. The same is to be paid to MSTC only.
How to register on MSTC portal? The Office advised the vendor to download the vendor guide of MSTC available on MSTC website. It was advised that MSTC Officials may be contacted for any issues faced during registration/ submission of Tender on MSTC portal.
What is the scope of work of Staff Canteen? The Staff Canteen services are to be compulsorily provided by the same vendor as per indicative rates and menu mentioned in Annexure III (Page No. 46) of Tender document. The scope of work in Staff Canteen is given in Annexure II (page no. 45) of Tender document.
What facilities/ infrastructure will be provided by the Office? 1. Officers’ Lounge- Office will provide Pantry along with cooking utensils and water, dining area with tables, chairs, refrigerator, microwave etc., electricity connections/ points for electrical equipment and crockery/ cutlery.

2. Staff Canteen- Office will provide Pantry area with water facility, dining area with tables, chairs and electricity connections/ points for electrical equipment.

Electricity charges for both OLDR and Staff Canteen will be borne by the Bank.
Please clarify the Monthly Charges for deployment of two workers as mentioned in the Financial Bid. The monthly charges to be quoted must include the Minimum Wages plus VDA as prescribed by Central Government, PF, ESI contribution and profit margin of Vendor. The charge will include cost for deployment of two unskilled workers. The wages have to be revised by the vendor as and when revised by Central Government, Bank will only revise the monthly charges on annual basis at time of renewal of contract.
What will be the frequency of payment and documents to be submitted for release of payment? After award of contract the payments towards various services will be released on monthly basis through NEFT only. For payment of monthly bill the vendor has to submit bank account statements, attendance register, EPF and ESI remittance challan in respect of all workers.
What are the costs that are to be borne by the Vendor? Cost of edible materials, fuel, cooking gas, napkins, cleaning materials, uniform of staff, and crockery/ cooking utensils for staff canteen is to be borne by the vendor.

The vendor has to submit police verification reports of all workers deployed by him. Annual medical check- up of all workers got to be done from any Government Hospital at contractor’s own cost and all the reports to be submitted to Bank within a month of taking over the work.