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Date : Feb 24, 2021
Catering agencies for providing Canteen Facility at Reserve Bank of India, Chennai

Sealed tenders are invited under two-bid system from established and reputed catering agencies (with sufficient experience of running canteens) to run the Staff Canteen at RBI, Chennai. Interested companies / firms having good reputation shall download the tender forms from the Bank’s website www.rbi.org.in (under “Tenders” column) The filled in tender form should be submitted latest by 02.00 pm on March 18, 2021 (Thursday) at 2nd floor, HRMD, RBI, Fort Glacis, 16, Rajaji Salai, Chennai-600 001. Any rectification regarding above tender will be published only on our website. i.e. www.rbi.org.in.

The companies/ firms/ partnership/ sole proprietors with minimum three years of experience in undertaking work of similar nature and which are currently providing similar services to the Government Departments/ Public/ reputed Private Sector institutions with a contract value of more than 20 lakhs (minimum) per year consecutively for the past two years in at least one institution are eligible to tender for the work.


Sl. No Description Date Time
1. Date of publication of notice inviting tender in newspapers and RBI website February 25, 2021 10.00 AM
2. Last date of submission of all (Part – I and Part – II) documents March 18, 2021 02.00 PM
3. Opening of Technical Bids March 19, 2021 03.00 PM
4. Opening of Financial Bids Will be intimated to the firms who are found eligible in Part I.

The Tender shall be submitted as per the following instructions:

Part – I shall be super-scribed as “Technical bid” and shall contain the following:

  1. Annex I – part I (Technical Bid / Application form) duly filled and signed by the tenderer.

  2. Annex II- Details of bankers.

  3. Demand Draft of ₹ 40,000/- (Rupees Forty Thousand only) drawn in favor of Reserve Bank of India, Chennai towards Earnest Money Deposit (EMD).

  4. Any other document(s) as required /specified by the tender document.

Part II shall be super-scribed as “Price bid” and should contain only the tenderer’s quoted rates in the enclosed format (Annexure III) on the letterhead of the tenderer. Part II of a tenderer will be opened only if Reserve Bank of India, Chennai is satisfied with the Technical Bid (Part I) and Site visits.

(Separate covers for Part I and Part II may both be placed in another sealed cover super-scribed “Tender inviting from Catering agencies for providing Canteen facility at Reserve Bank of India, Chennai” and shall be dropped latest by 02.00 pm on March 18, 2021 at 2nd floor, HMRD, Reserve Bank of India, Fort Glacis, 16, Rajaji Salai, Chennai- 600 001. Telegraphed / faxed / e-mail / online submission of tenders will not be accepted. The full name, postal address, e-mail address and telefax / telephone number of the tenderer shall be written on the bottom left corner of the sealed envelope. Insertions, post scripts, additions and alterations shall not be valid unless confirmed by the tenderer’s signature. The forms received after the said date and time will not be entertained. All copies of the tenders should be complete in all respects with all attachments, enclosures and annexures. All clarifications and communication with respect to the tender will be through e-mail only (oldrchennai@rbi.org.in).

Incomplete forms or forms without proper documentary evidence etc. (as desired above) will be summarily rejected by the Bank.

Process of L1 Selection:

1. In the first stage, sealed covers (comprising of both, Part I: Technical Bid and Part II: Price Bid) will be received up to 02.00 pm on March 18, 2021 (Thursday) and Technical bid will be opened on next day i.e., on March 19, 2021 (Friday) at 03.00 pm in the presence of the authorized representatives of the tenderers, who choose to be present.

2. Subsequently, the date for opening of Financial Bid (Part II) of only those tenderers, who have been shortlisted and qualified based on scrutiny of Technical Bids and site visits by the Bank will be intimated to the eligible vendors via e-mail.

3. The scrutiny of technical documents, site visits, vendors experience, quality check and feedback on food and services, market reputation, market feedback, intelligence report, adverse complaint from the previous employers, financial health of the vendor shall be the factors considered in selection of the successful bidders in technical bid (part I).

4. A committee shall be formed by the Bank to assess the hygiene and cleanliness, quality and quantity of the food by conducting site visits. Based on the recommendations of the committee and considering the above parameters (refer point No.3), only the qualified vendors shall be selected for next stage i.e., opening of part II (price bid/financial bid).

5. The Part II - price bid shall be opened on the intimated date (via e-mail) in the presence of authorized representatives of the qualified tenderers, who choose to be present.

6. Selection/Ranking of the bidders and declaration of L1 will be based on the Weightage Methodology. The least bidder (L1) in the total weighted price shall be declared as L1. (Refer Annexure IV for further details and a case study on Weightage methodology used for selection of L1). The weightage for various items have been arrived at after deliberations with the present vendor. However, please note that they are only indicative. The bank does not commit to quantities of any items mentioned.

Sl. No. Item Type Item(s) Weightage (%)
1 A Breakfast 40
2 B South Indian meals 35
3 C Special /Variety Rice 15
4 E Beverages 10

7. Selection of final successful vendor shall be done based on the marks obtained by the vendors in the technical bid and financial bid (Refer Annexure IV for further details). The successful vendor shall execute a bilingual agreement (Hindi and English) on stamp paper (stamp duty shall be borne by the vendor). If the selected vendor fails to sign the formal agreement immediately on award of contract or fails to undertake the work on the due date (to be conveyed later) the letter of intent can be cancelled and EMD made by him/her shall be forfeited.