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Date : Feb 24, 2021
Clarification of Queries - Annual Maintenance Contract & Facility Management Services for Computer Hardware, Software and Peripherals at RBI, Department of Supervision, Central Office, Mumbai and Legal Department, Central office, Mumbai

Cancellation of Tender


E-Tender No. RBI/Central Office/DBS/2/20-21/ET/543

In view of the ongoing Covid-19 situation, no physical pre-bid meeting was held for the captioned tender and queries were received from the prospective bidders via email.

In this regard, queries were received from (i) M/s. Ensure Support Services (India) Limited, (ii) M/s. Openview Technologies Pvt. Ltd. and (iii) M/s. Data Care Corporation.

The queries received along with the clarifications and comments are tabulated below:

S. N. Query Clarification and Comments
1. What are the tools being used by RBI for call management and asset management etc.? Kindly refer to Chapter 1 - Scope of Work, Para (5), Maintenance of Records of the tender document. The resident engineer (vendor) should maintain and report (manually or through an application) the inventory register, call register and the vendor register. The calls are received on telephone, email or a ticketing tool. The vendor would be required to maintain a physical/ soft copy of the calls logged along with the time of resolution and time taken to resolve the same.
2. Can we have call dump report of last three months for understanding the types of call and volume? It is an internal document and therefore, cannot be shared. On an average 600 to 700 calls (general/technical) are logged in a month across all three locations mentioned as per Annexure-I
3. Can we hire some engineers from the existing vendor if get chance to provide services at RBI? Kindly refer to Chapter 2 – Eligibility Criteria - para (vi) of the tender document on Qualified Engineers. The details of resident engineers are to be provided as per Appendix-4 and Appendix-5 of the tender document.
4. We have registered with MSTC in 2019, for this tender participation need to register again? The registration with MSTC is a one-time process. The bidder does not need to register himself/herself again. However, the bidder should have an active Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) linked to their profile (old/new).
5. Reference with Appendix -5, Full bio-data of the Resident Engineers (duly signed by the concerned RE) is it required to submit all 13 engineers bio-data in technical bid? Kindly refer to Part I (Technical Bid, Form 01) of the tender document. The details are to be submitted as per Appendix-5 as part of the Technical Bid (Form 1).
6. We are located in Pune provide IT support across India locations for AMC & FMS. Our registered office is in Pune as mentioned in my signature. We don’t have offices across, but we are managing it centrally. We are providing same support to many customers & providing across India support to all locations. Please let me know it is ok with you. Kindly refer to Chapter 2 - Eligibility Criteria- para (v) of the tender document on Service Setup. The tenderer should have a full-fledged service setup/repair centre at Mumbai with adequate technical staff (not less than 05). There is no requirement for the tenderer to be registered in Mumbai.
7. We are ISO 9001: 2015 certified, ISO 20000 is not applicable to us. Please suggest on the same. Kindly refer to Chapter 2 – Eligibility Criteria, Technical Evaluation-para (vii) of the tender document on requirement of ISO Certification. The Tenderer should have ISO 20000 certification.
8. Please brief about what is your expectations for Local presence. Kindly refer to Chapter 2 – Eligibility Criteria paras (v) and (vi) of the tender document on Service Setup and Qualified Engineers.
9. Expectation under Scope of PM activity – Please elaborate. Kindly refer to Chapter 1 – Scope of Work para 2(a) of the tender document on preventive maintenance. The scope of work under Preventive maintenance will be designed in consultation with the vendor’s representative on the lines as specified and recommended by the original manufacturer/best practices.
10. Can we get location wise asset list in excel format? Kindly refer to Annexure-I of the tender document on Details of Computer Hardware and peripherals.
11. Failure rate of assets per month or call dump for at least 3 months Kindly refer to Chapter 3- para 11 (b) of the tender document on Terms and Conditions.
12. Can you consider SHOP ACT (Proprietary Firm) instead of Certificate of Incorporation? Kindly refer to Chapter 2 - Eligibility Criteria (A) Technical Evaluation para (i) of the tender document on composition of tenderers. The tenderer should be a limited company or registered partnership firm, or an LLP governed by the Limited Liability Partnership Act 2008.
13. Can we provide you MSME Certificate for both tender fee and EMD exemption? Tender fee/transaction fee is to be submitted to MSTC to enable the bidder to access the tender and is not conditional upon a firm falling under MSME category.

Kindly refer to Chapter 2 - Eligibility Criteria (A) Technical Evaluation - para (xii) of the tender document on EMD. All Micro and Small enterprises (as defined in the Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises Development Act 2006) are exempted from depositing EMD amount. The eligible firms claiming exemption under Micro and Small Enterprises need to submit certificate of Registration under Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises, GOI.
14. We will provide you Certificate from our CA but our company was in Loss for 1 year in last 3 financial years. Kindly refer to Chapter 2 - Eligibility Criteria (A) Technical Evaluation para (iv) of the tender document on Annual Turnover. The tenderer should have minimum yearly turnover of ₹5 crore from FMS/AMC services with net profit in each of the last three years (i.e. 2017-18, 2018-19 and 2019-20) supported by audited statement of accounts.
15. Can you consider only ISO 9001:2015 certificate instead of ISO 20000? Same as query 7

T K Rajan
Chief General Manager
Department of Supervision, Central Office