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Date : Dec 29, 2020
Minutes of Pre-Bid meeting - Empanelment of Contractors for Civil, Electrical and Other Works, Kolkata

The notice inviting applications for the captioned work was available for viewing on the Bank’s website on December 14, 2020. The Pre-Bid meetings for the same were held at the Auditorium, 11th floor, RBI Kolkata on December 23 and 24, 2020 at 11:00 A.M. and 3:00 P.M. The representatives of the interested firms and the staff members of RBI participated in the Pre Bid Meetings is given below:

Sl. No. Name and Designation of the RBI Official (Present on 23.12.2020)
1 Shri Pankaj Kumar, Assistant General Manager (Estate)
2 Shri Achintya Ghosh, Assistant General Manager (Estate)
3 Ms S. Goswami, Assistant Manager (Estate)
4 Shri Prasun Adhikary, Sr. Assistant (Estate)
5 Shri Ankit Roy, Assistant (Estate)
6 Shri Arghya Roy Chowdhury (Estate)

Sl. No. Name and Designation of the RBI Official (Present on 24.12.2020)
1 Shri Achintya Ghosh, Assistant General Manager (Estate)
2 Shri Hasanur Rahaman, Manager Technical (Estate)
3 Shri Deepak Singh Rajput, Manager Technical (Estate)
4 Shri Ankit Roy, Assistant (Estate)
5 Shri Srijan Hazra, Assistant (Estate)

Sl. No. Name of the Firm/ Proprietor
1 M/s Modi Carpet Sales & Service
2 M/s Unique Sanitation
3 M/s M.D Enterprise
4 M/s Shakil Ahmed
5 M/s Wakil Ahmed
6 M/s Clifford Facility Services Pvt. Ltd.
7 M/s Structcon
8 M/s Hundred Days Agency
9 M/s Wood-N-Built
10 M/s Taj Engineering & Co.
11 M/s Nundy’s
12 M/s Vivid Enterprise
13 M/s Seal’s Engineering Works
14 M/s Art-N-Decor
15 M/s H Associates
16 M/s Swapan Chakraborty
17 M/s K.C. Mishra
18 M/s Adhunik Pest Control Pvt. Ltd.
19 M/s Aline Curtain Walls Pvt. Ltd.
20 M/s Theism Engineering Co.
21 M/s Snowball Refrigeration Pvt Ltd
22 M/s Comfort Solutions
23 M/s Power Electricals
24 M/s Arko Service
25 M/s Anik & Co
26 M/s Fireguard Solutions
27 M/s Classic Telecommunication
28 M/s Security Engineers Pvt Ltd

The following queries/proposals were raised in the pre-bid meeting:

Sl. No. Name of the firm Query/Proposal Clarifications by the Bank
1 M/s Swapan Chakraborty & M/s Shakil Ahmed Queries related to minimum 5 years’ experience. NIT stands.
2 M/s Vivid Enterprise If a contractor did 5 works of upto 2 lakh each, then will it be eligible for upper category taking all them as one work. No.
3 M/s Modi Carpet Sales & Service & others In case of Trade A11 & A12, work orders are of very less value. That’s why bifurcation of category II is required. NIT stands.
4 M/s Shakil Ahmed In case of Trade A 7, Cost of work is very less. So, it is not even possible to apply for Category I job. NIT stands.
5 M/s Swapan Chakraborty If a vendor has to apply for different trade & different category in one application form, then what to do? Mention category against trade clearly.
6 M/s M.D Enterprise In general Banks do not give Solvency Certificate. Instead of that they are providing turnover certificate. NIT stands.
7 M/s Wood-N-Built If the annual turnover is less than 40 lakh, then audited balance sheet can not be provided. NIT stands.
8 M/s Adhunik Pest Control Pvt. Ltd. Less than 5 years’ experience companies should be allowed to be empanelled. NIT stands.
9 M/s Theism Engineering Co. Can a vendor apply for multiple categories together? Yes.
10 M/s Comfort Solutions Do vendors have to submit separate applications for different categories in case of multiple entries? No. However, separate applications in duplicate should be made while applying for different sections.
11 M/s Theism Engineering Co. If combined amount of separate works will be eligible for a single trade? Yes, if all the works are falling under a particular trade.
12 M/s Theism Engineering Co. Is submission of MSME Document mandatory? No, it is not mandatory for the purpose of empanelment per se.
13 M/s Snowball Refrigeration Pvt Ltd Will Auditor’s Certificate be enough for submission of Turnover related document? NIT stands.
14 M/s Theism Engineering Co. Does proof of Cash Credit limit on Overdraft Facility be enough for solvency? No.
15 M/s Power Electricals Is solvency certificate from private banks eligible as proof of solvency? Solvency certificate from any Scheduled Bank will be accepted.
16 M/s Comfort Solutions Should all the checklist be filled up or only the forwarding letter will be enough? Entire tender document must be filled up and appended with signature and seal, along with relevant documents.
17 M/s Power Electricals Non-availability of completion certificate in case of supply of electrical items. Challan duly signed by the recipient will be accepted for supply of electrical items.
18 M/s Classic Telecommunication Are different set of documents required for different categories? NIT stands.
19 M/s Security Engineers Pvt Ltd Will document of 2019-20 be acceptable for proof of turnover? NIT stands.
20 M/s Security Engineers Pvt Ltd Is work in progress acceptable as proof of work? No.
21 M/s Security Engineers Pvt Ltd Can a vendor provide same work order for different sections? No.

Note: This document shall form part and parcel of the applications for empanelment. Hence, shall be signed and submitted along with the application form by the vendors.

Regional Director
Reserve Bank of India
West Bengal