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Date : Nov 18, 2020
Minutes of Pre-bid Meeting - Fixed Asset Management Solution (FAMS) for Reserve Bank of India at Ahmedabad

Extension of Last Date of Submission

The pre-bid meeting for the captioned tender was Held online at 11:30 a.m. on November 10, 2020 via Cisco WebEx. The following staff members from RBI Ahmedabad office and firms/prospective tenderers were present during the pre-bid meeting:

From Reserve Bank of India, Ahmedabad Office:

  1. Shri Ashutosh Jaiswal, DGM, Estate.

  2. Shri Ashish Gogia, AGM, HRMD.

  3. Shri Sharad Kumar, AGM, Estate.

  4. Smt Bina Sutaria, AM, Estate.

  5. Shri Hardik Prajapati, Assistant, Estate.

From the firms/prospective tenderers:

  1. Shri Sumantho Dutta from Rapidradio Solutions Pvt Ltd.

  2. Shri Pulkit from Rapidradio Solutions Pvt Ltd.

  3. Shri Manush from Aeon Software Pvt Ltd.

  4. Shri Prashant Kumar from Anantics.

  5. Shri Shreyans from M/S Ecarters Technological solutions Ltd.

The following were the queries/proposals raised and clarifications furnished by the Bank in the pre-bid meeting:

Sr No Queries Clarifications
1 Will Bank co-ordinator help vendor to identify the assets physically for RFID tagging and Reconciliation process to be carried out at beginning and later at every 6 months. Yes.
2 Any specific format is there for a reconciliation report & certificate that we have to submit? No specific format, to be prepared and submitted in consultation in Co-Ordinator
3 Will Bank identify the item physically once before allocating work to the vendor to perform Initial tagging of fixed assets? Yes
4 In Annexure D under Section 1.1, it is mentioned that we must write down indicators for each asset location against the internal inventory number in asset master list printout. Would we get support on this from the Bank Coordinator as the terminology used till date in the bank would be much more effective than what a vendor would define fresh during the project Yes.
5 Please, provide more details or sample data for inventory number data fields? Internal Inventory no: (numeric, size will vary from 4 to 6 digits)

Inventory number: (alphanumeric, size will vary from 15 to 30 digits)

Please refer embedded Excel file in Para 4 of Annexure -D for sample data.
6 Printing of Internal Inventory number and inventory number data fields to be pasted in the form of a sticker would normally be larger than the RFID tag itself. Do we really need to paste it on tag or we can identify another location for the sticker? As per para 1.1 of Annexure – D, to be printed on RFID tag only.
7 Regarding the future compatibility of RFID tags with Reader from other vendors/brands the best vendor can do is to provide you details of how we have stored data in the RFID tag. Will this suffice as there are no specific standards or protocols for configuration of RFID tags. As per para 3.7.5 of Section III.
8 If RFID tags are applied on the body surface of the asset and would be transferred physically along with the asset when transfer is done, then using the same tag is more beneficial as removing the tag would be a cost and a difficult task to perform since the tag has to be destroyed to remove. As per point 4 of para 2.1 of Annexure D.

Further, Charges for new tags will be paid as per quoted price in Section-A of Price Bid as per para 3.4(ii)2 during the first three years.
9 If there is any delay from the Bank Coordinator in providing responses to the vendor's query, would the vendor be given that much grace time to complete the task. Any hindrances while execution on bank’s part will be recorded and extension of time may be given accordingly.
10 Can we use a mix of HF & UHF tags to bring down the cost of the project? UHF tags Only.
11 Can we print data & barcode on the same sticker or separate stickers are required? To be printed on Same sticker only.
12 How many locations are there other than the head office which we must visit for the task and any location which is more than 50 Kms from the head office of RBI 4 Locations as indicated in Tender. All locations are within 10 kms of range.
13 Would it be Ok if we do match of our records and bank's master asset list by software and not by excel to perform it faster No.

The reconciliation shall be done by comparing CBS data in excel format (provided by Bank) with scanned data in excel format (Scanned by vendor) in presence of concerned officials.

Detailed explanation of reconciliation using VLOOKUP functions in excel is provided in excel file embedded at the end of Annexure -D.
14 Is there any minimum reading distance (distance from where you wish to read the RFID tag) that the bank is looking at? No minimum reading distance (the tags should be of UHF).
15 Would it be possible for the bank to provide food & accommodation for vendor's team as it would have huge impact on the cost and time utilization factor of the project No, the vendor will have to make his own arrangements.
16 Do we have to encode specific set of EPCs in the RFID Tags, or we have to just map/associate Tags’ default EPC with unique Asset ID (of RBI assets)? Vendor has to encode Internal Inventory Number provided by Bank for each asset in RFID tag identified for that particular asset.
17 What is the least size/dimensions for each category of “electronic items”, “non-electronic metallic items”, and “non-electronic non-metallic items”? The least size/dimension may be 140 Cm2 for any item.
18 Can we assume that RBI already has RFID Readers/Antennas (fixed or handheld) in its facility for asset identify-locate-track purpose, and you only need tags and their tagging/reconciliation services from us? If yes, then could you please tell us which brand’s RFID Readers/Antennas are commissioned at RBI facility? No.
19 What is the expected timeframe of completing “Initial RFID Tagging and Reconciliation Services”? 45 days from date of issue of work order.