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Date : Nov 06, 2020
Minutes of Pre-bid meeting - Design, supply, installation, testing & commissioning of 400 KVA Diesel Generator Set with AMF panel and acoustic enclosure for Bank’s BKC Office Building at Bandra (East), Mumbai

(Event No - RBI/Mumbai/Estate/177/20-21/ET/248): Minutes of pre-bid meeting held on November 06, 2020-

Pre-bid meeting for the above tender was scheduled on November 06, 2020 at 03:00 PM at C-7, 3rd Floor, Estate Cell, Reserve Bank of India, Bandra (E) – 400 051.

Shri. B. Dhal, GM (T-E), Shri. Ajit Bobhate, Manager (T), Shri Y. R. Sonawane, A.M. (T), Shri. Randeep Sangwan, JE, Shri Navin Kumar R, JE attended the said meeting from the Bank.

Shri. Amrit Lad from M/s. Perfect House Private Limited attended the said meeting from vendor.

The meeting took place in conducive manner and general discussion on the tender took place. One of the vendor M/s. Perfect House Private Limited has requested vide their mail dated November 02, 2020 to incorporate their make namely ‘‘PERFECT BAUDOUIN’’ with assurance that their make comply with all the tender requirements.

  • The Bank has clarified that any approved equivalent make for the engine is acceptable to the Bank subjected to the CPCB compliance and ARAI certified engine having type test certificate for the capacity of 400 KVA and above DG Set.

Another firm M/s. G. D. Anklesaria & Co. raised the queries vide their mail dated November 06, 2020.

1. The fuel consumption should be 100% Load= Less than 86.3 Litres. per hour. 75% Load= Less than 64.1 Litres. per hour. 50% Load= Less than 46.2 Litres. per hour.

  • The Bank has clarified that the firm may refer to the clause (The fuel consumption shall be measured at 100% load) given on page no 108. Wherein it has been clearly stated that the DG set shall remain liable for rejection, if the actual fuel consumption calculated exceeds 5% of the committed value as per manufacturer design.

2. Daily fuel service tank as per the CPCB, total altogether with minimum 900 litres capacity (standard integral tank plus auxiliary tank).

  • The Bank has clarified that the fuel tank capacity should be minimum 900 litres. Vendor may refer page no 104, Clause no 7 (The diesel tank shall be mounted on a separate angle iron stand, away from the engine necessary length of GI fuel piping, complete with end flare nuts etc. shall be supplied and installed or inbuilt standard fuel tank as recommended by OEM).

3. Section X/6 - MS exhaust piping of suitable diam. MS C.

  • The Bank has clarified that exhaust pipe will be MS C Class pipe as mentioned in the tender.

4. Buyback of 320KVA DG Set.

  • The Bank has clarified that the existing DG set more than 10 years old which can be verified at site. Exact date of installation is not readily available.

5. Annual Maintenance Service Contract charges

i) After DLP for Annual Maintenance Service Contract, DG Vendor have to provide Service visits only .Please confirm How many service Visit require per annum /year

  • The Bank has clarified, Vendors may refer page no 157 serial number 11, wherein it has been mentioned that the spares shall be purchased after 2 years of DLP.

ii) Confirm how may service visit is required during 2 years warranty period.

  • The Bank has clarified that monthly routine servicing is required during 2 years of DLP period.

6. Location of DG set

  • The Bank has clarified that the location would be an open area.

The meeting has ended with thanks to all concerned.