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Date : Oct 07, 2020
Minutes of Pre-bid meeting - DSITC of 60 KWp, Roof Top Grid Interactive PV solar power plant at Indrayani hostel, CAB Pune
Sr. No. Description of query Banks reply
1 As per the MSEDCL circular the current net meter is to be replaced by ABT meter. Attached the circular for the same. If required then who will bear the additional cost of the same Existing net meter installed in HT kiosk shall be replaced by new ABT meter as per the guidelines issued by MSEDCL Pune. The same will be within the scope of work. No additional cost will be paid by the college for this work separately.

Annexure-E page 81 & Annexure page 82

a. All solar on grid inverters are manufactured in China, hence pre-delivery factory inspection is not possible. Please delete the clause

As per the tender terms and conditions, pre-delivery factory inspection, shall be arranged by the vendor at local level.

Annexure-H page 85

a. Balance sheet for FY-2019-20 is not yet to be finalized. The official last date for submission of balance sheet is 30.11.2020 as per IT department. Hence request you to consider following 3 years as:
i FY 2018-19
ii FY 2017-18
iii FY 2016-17

Yes. The financial statement may be submitted for the following three years:

i FY 2018-19
ii FY 2017-18
iii FY 2016-17

4 Page No.2 & point d mentions “copies of the IT certificates/ Income tax assessment Orders”. IT department does not issues the clearance certificate. Also the current audit is going on for the FY 2016-17. Hence we request you to please remove this clause As per clause, either copies of the IT certificates or Income tax assessment orders has to be submitted.
5 Page No.57 & point No. 7 (e) – The depth of earthing to be revised to 2 mtrs due to rocky terrain at RBI The depth of earthing shall be 2.5 meter only as mentioned in tender. In case, there is rocky terrain observed during execution, the depth will be considered as 2 meter in consultation with Banks Engineer.
6 Is it compulsory to use Indian make panels? Only Indigenous PV modules complying with the tender specification should be supplied.
7 Is it compulsory to use Indian make PCU/Inverter? The PCU/Inverter supplied shall comply with technical specifications given in the tender
8 Tender amount 33 lakh which is including GST of excluding GST? Yes. The estimated cost of Rs.33 Lakh is including GST.
9 Page No.2 Point C – Audited financial statement: We are not entered under audited then what to do? As per tender clause, audited financial statement is required.
10 Page No.3 client certificate issued by the private organisation shall be a company Tax deducted at source certificate (we cannot have TED certificate, instead of TDS certificate. We can show you GST returns is it ok? As per tender clause, the client's certificate issued by the private organizations shall also accompany Tax Deducted at Source (TDS) certificates.
11 You asked BG 10% of contract value (we suggest to take 5% BG instead of 10%) The BG @ 10% has to be submitted as mentioned in tender.
12 AMC cost included in system or separately we have to mention? The AMC cost is not included in system cost. The AMC is separate as mentioned in tender.
13 Page no 33, point 34 – Labour License: As per regulation if the company have more than 20 labours then only labour licence is required. But in our case it is not applicable then? A declaration has to be submitted, in case the same is not applicable.