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Date : Sep 15, 2020
Corrigendum - SITC of 500 LPH Reverse Osmosis Plant including Annual Operation and Maintenance Contract of the RO Plant at Reserve Bank Staff College, Anna Salai, Teynampet , Chennai

e-Tender – RBI/RBSC//118/20-21/ET/118

Clarification of points on Pre-bid meeting held on 11-09-2020

Sl. No. Name of vendors Clarification sought Clarification furnished
1. M/s. Ever Green Enviro Tech Raw water pump – What should be the Make of Construction? Any Make of Construction in line with the technical specifications given at 2.1.4 of Section VI is acceptable.
2. M/s. Ever Green Enviro Tech Should Electrical Control panel consist of MCCB/ MCB? Yes, all items as specified at 2.1.4 of Section VI should be provided.
3. M/s. Ever Green Enviro Tech What details are to be provided in Banker’s certificate? Banker’s certificate shall be the latest one indicating the financial soundness of atleast Rs. 4.5 Lakhs as per the format given at Annexure X.

Further, item 14 of Annexure V – Checklist of Documents may be read as “Solvency certificate of Rs. 4.5 Lakh / Banker’s certificate as per Annexure X.”
4. M/s. Ever Green Enviro Tech Are the registered MSME firms required to submit EMD? It is clarified that any Firm registered as Micro and Small Enterprise (MSE) under MSME Development Act 2006 is exempted from remittance of EMD.

List of documents to be uploaded to avail this exemption shall be as specified at Annexure V under para iii of ‘Other list of documents to be uploaded’
5. M/s. Ever Green Enviro Tech Clarification regarding the supply of bubble tops and bubble top PVC Caps It is clarified that the supply of bubble top PVC caps is in the scope of the Firm as specified at para v of 4.0 AOMC of Section VI. The bubble tops containers shall be in the scope of the Employer.

After the meeting, the representatives inspected the existing RO plant site which will be the tentative location for installation of the proposed RO plant.

Chief General Manager/ Principal
Reserve Bank Staff College
Chennai – 600 018

September 15, 2020