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Date : Sep 10, 2020
Minutes of the Pre-Bid Meeting - Facility Management Service & Annual Maintenance Contract for Computer Hardware, Software & Peripherals at Reserve Bank of India, Kolkata

The Tender No. RBI/Kolkata/DIT/4/20-21/ET/98 was floated on both MSTC and RBI’s website on September 01, 2020 for the captioned work. The offline Pre-Bid Meeting was conducted at 03:00 PM on September 08, 2020. The below mentioned participants/representatives from RBI Officials and various Company/firms were participated in the meeting.

a) Participants from RBI, Kolkata.

Sr no. Name of RBI Officials Designation
1. Shri Amit Kumar Mandal Manager
2. Shri Biplab Biswas Asstt. Manager
3. Shri Prasenjit Paul Assistant

b) Representatives from various Companies/ Firms.

Sr no. Name of the Representative Company/Firms
1. Shri Pritam Dutta & Shri Anup Roy M/s Smart Planet IT Solution Pvt Ltd.
2. Shri Tarakeswar M/s Puthur Infotech Pvt Ltd.
3. Shri Pinku Ghosh M/s Bharat IT Services Ltd.
4. Shri Mrinal Ghosh & Saradindu Dey M/s HUE Service
5. Shri Amit Ray M/s Pecon Software

The various queries related to the provisions/conditions of the tender document were raised by the representatives of various companies attended in the meeting. The queries raised by the representative were answered by the IT Cell officials. Details of such queries raised by the representatives and the clarifications are furnished in Annexure.


Clarification to the queries raised by the representatives of the participating Companies/firms:

Sr no. Clause Details Query Raised Clarifications
1. Estimated Cost of the work
Page no. 2
Whether MSMEs are exempted from depositing EMD? Registered MSEs are exempted from depositing EMD after submitting the certificate provided by the competent authority. The document must be uploaded along with tender documents in the MSTC site.
2. Annexure II
Clause no.5
Page no.23
Turnover may be relaxed from Rs.25 crore. Clearly prescribed in clause no 5 of page no.23 of the tender document, a minimum turnover of Rs.25 Crore in the last three years with net profit in each of the last three (3) years i.e. 2017-18, 2018-19 and 2019-20 supported by audited or certified statement of accounts for 2017-18, 2018-19 and audited (or unaudited) or certified statement of accounts for 2019-2020.
3. Handover Takeover period Please confirm if any Handover Takeover period may be provided for the new tenderer? Yes, the handover takeover period can be provided by the previous service provider.
4. Annexure II
Clause no.9
Page no.24
Whether Back to Back arrangement for OEM is there and what is the capacity? Yes, Back to Back arrangement with OEMs is necessary for priority support from OEM’s level to minimize the down time for the Assets under Facility Management Services (FMS).
5. Annexure II
Clause no.3
Page no.22
What is the minimum value of each completed work provided under LAN environment or FMS and AMC services related works. In RBI Kolkata all desktops and other IT Peripherals are connected in LAN environment. Hence, the satisfactory services should be provided by the vendor under LAN environment.
6. Annexure II
Clause no.43
Page no.41
Whether wages paid to the engineers as per the Central Govt. Act? Clause 35 (page no. 39) and Clause 43 (Page no.41) has clearly mentioned the points pertaining to minimum wages.
7. Annexure II
Clause no.12
Page no.25
Please clarify whether the Resident Engineers should be treated as Highly skilled, Semi-Skilled or Skilled?
The treatment of Resident Engineer should be as per the applicable Central Govt/State Govt Notifications.
8. Estimated Cost of the work
Page no. 2
Whether RBI will reconsider the estimated cost which is in lower side, if we have to follow the Central Govt Wage Act. We have to pay the yearly increment to the Resident Engineer. However, asset item under FMS and AMC will be change from time to time. Please refer to the page no. 2 of the tender document. The cost estimated is Rs.32,00,000/- for the period from October 01, 2020 to September 30, 2020 on the basis of certain parameters.
9. Annexure II
Clause no.13
Page no.31
Whether manpower can be decreased? No. As per Clause 13 given in page no 31 of the tender document, the Vendor shall arrange to deploy seven experienced, qualified & skilled technical staff.
10. Annexure II
Clause no.14 (l)
Page no.34
Is there any insurance clause for the Resident Engineer? Please refer to Clause no 14 (l) given in page no.34 of the tender documents it is the responsibility of the Vendor to provide insurance cover to its Engineers deployed in the RBI.
11. Annexure II
Clause no.14 (f)
Page no.33
Whether CCNA & MCSA certification is required for REs deputed or the certification is required only for 2 Graduate Engineers. Please refer to the Clause no.14 f given in page no. 33 of the tender document. REs deployed should be appropriately skilled, trained and preferably should possess certification such as CCNA, MCSE or any other certificates.
12. Annexure II
Clause no.4 of Page no.41 & Clause no.35 of page no. 39.
Are any documents required at the time of submission of the quarterly bill? Please refer to the Clause 4 given in page no.27 & Clause no.35 given in page no.39. The quarterly bill should be submitted along with necessary documents showing that monthly payment to the personnel are made in adherence to applicable minimum wages as notified by Central/State Government (Whichever is higher) and in compliance with instructions pertaining to EPF, ESIC, Gratuity ect.
13. Annexure V (A) of page no.55 Whether RBI format is necessary for submitting the Annexure V (A) or any other format can be submitted. Yes. In terms of the tender document (page no.55), it is necessary to submit the Annexure V (A) in the prescribed format.
14. Annexure II
Clause no.16 Note 2
Page no.26
All the required documents will be uploaded through Digital certificate. Whether it is necessary for submitting supporting documents duly stamped and signed by the authorized signatory? Yes, it is necessary to submit all required documents duly stamped and signed by the authorized signatory. Please refer to the page no. 26 {clause no.16 (2)}

Regional Director
Reserve Bank of India