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Date : Jun 19, 2020
Addendum/Corrigendum - Deployment of Private Security Supervisors, Private Security Guards and Private Parking Assistants at Bank’s Main Office Premises and Its Other Properties at Hyderabad

Minutes of the Pre-Bid Meeting

E-Tender number : RBI/Hyderabad/HRMD/75/19-20/ET/520

Addendum/Corrigendum no 1

In addition to the Annexure 3(page 45) of the tender document, the following technical evaluation criterion will be considered to evaluate the technical competence of the Tenderer.

In case of more than one L1 bid, the Tenderers will be judged on the basis of the technical parameters as mentioned below and the bid will be awarded to the Tenderer who is having higher technical score. Tenderers will be required to furnish documentary evidence in support of their claims on the following parameters:

S. No Description of Evaluation Criterion Marks Remarks
a Presence of Quick Reaction Team:
(i) Dedicated vehicle for QRT-05 marks
(ii) No of personnel in the QRT-05 marks 01 mark per person, limited to Max 05 people.
(iii) Equipment (05 marks): Walkie Talkie-02, Torch-01, Ballam-01, Dedicated Mobile-01
b Presence of a 24x7 Control room in Hyderabad:
(i) Dedicated workspace-05 marks
(ii) Equipment 05 marks - Computer-01, Walkie Talkies - 02, Dedicated Landline-01, Dedicated Mobile-01.
(iii) Dedicated Manpower in control room - 05 marks – 2.5 marks per person to a maximum of 02 persons.
c Security Training Infrastructure:
(i) In Hyderabad: 10 marks
Class/Conf room with Projector/TV and seating capacity of min 15 persons (04 mks). Lesson plans-(02mks) Training records (02 mks) Instructor (02 mks)
(ii) Outdoor Training Facility in or outside Hyderabad 10 marks
Ground-02 mks, Drill Square 02 mks, Gymnasium-02 mks
Unarmed Combat-02 mks Computer classes-02 mks.
(i) +(ii)
d Pan India Presence:
The Tenderer will be allotted 01 mark each for submitting valid PSARA license of states, limited to maximum of 10 states
e International Presence:
The Tenderer will be allotted 01 mark each for submitting valid proof of International Security operations (other than SAARC countries), however, limited to maximum of 10 Countries
f Tenderer will be awarded 01 mark each for providing satisfactory Security services in RBI Offices limited to maximum 10. Agencies Blacklisted in other RBI offices will be disqualified. 10  
g Tenderer will be awarded 01 mark each for having provided Security services in large establishment like Central Government/PSU, Banks etc. Limited to maximum 10. 10  
h Tenderer will be awarded 01 mark each for having provided satisfactory Security services in large residential colonies (more than 550 units per colony) Pan India. Residents Welfare Association(RWA) letter of colony certifying satisfactory services to be submitted. Limited to maximum 10. 10  
  Total Marks 100