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Date : Mar 27, 2020
Minutes of Pre-Bid Meeting - Renovation of 8 Flats in ‘D’ Block, Reserve Bank of India Officers’ Quarters at Kowdiar, Thiruvananthapuram


The captioned Meeting was held at 11.00 am on Thursday, March 19, 2020 in the Conference Hall on the second floor of the Bank’s Main Office Building at Bakery Junction, Thiruvananthapuram.

(a) List of Bank’s Officials attended the meeting

1 Shri V Jayaraj AGM, Estate Department
2 Shri P Radhakrishnan Assistant Manager (Tech-Civil)
3 Shri K V P Shiva Priyanth Assistant Manager

(b) List of tenderer’s representatives attended the meeting

Sl No Name of Representative Name of Contractor
1 Shri Jayan Thampi M/s Pattom Gardens & Landscapes
2 Shri Nitheesh M/s K R Builders & Interiors
3 Shri Abhijith U
4 Shri C Sunil M/s B Subramoniam & Co
5 Shri Manu T R M/s Instyle Decorators

2. Shri V Jayaraj, AGM (Estate Department) briefed about the nature of work and expected date of completion. He added that similar types of works were carried in other blocks of the colony and requested the prospective bidders to visit the site before participating in the bidding process. He told that this is the forum to raise the queries/doubts about the captioned tender and Bank’s Engineer and other staff from the department will be always available to clarify the doubts during the submission of tender in MSTC website. The details of queries raised by the participants and clarifications / comments of the Bank’s Engineer /staff from the Department are tabulated below:

Queries/Doubts raised by the participants Clarifications given by the Bank
Vendor Registration procedure in MSTC website and details of transaction fee payment Vendor registration and transaction fee payment procedure has been explained to the contractors and Vendor guide has been sent to contractors through e-mail
Payment of Bills For the items where Basic price of materials is stipulated in the tender specification, approval to be taken from the Bank before procurement. The difference in the basic price specified in the tender and actual price purchased price will be adjusted while settling the bill to the contractor. The contractor shall produce Original Tax Invoice of all materials were basic price is specified in the tender specification. No materials shall be procured without prior approval of the Bank
EMD & PBG Proof of submission of EMD to be uploaded in MSTC site. EMD will be released after the submission of Performance Bank Guarantee (PBG).

3. Bank’s Engineer reiterated the timelines about the execution of work and requested that the successful bidder need to complete the work at the earliest and also added that the timely removal of debris from the site is mandatory. The works need to be carried out without any hindrance to the residents of the colony

4. The meeting concluded at 11:30 am.