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Date : Mar 20, 2020
Minutes of Pre Bid Meeting - RFP for Purchase of Office Premises in South Mumbai

Corrigendum dated June 08, 2020

Corrigendum dated May 14, 2020

Corrigendum dated April 23, 2020

Corrigendum dated March 31, 2020

The pre-bid meeting pertaining to captioned request for proposal (RFP) commenced at 3:00 PM on March 17, 2020 as indicated in the schedule of tender. The meeting was held in the conference room of Premises Department on 5th Floor of Central Office Building.

Queries raised during the meeting and their clarification is given in following table -

  Query Clarification
1. Requirement of Occupancy certificate, particularly in case of old buildings when occupancy certificate was not a requirement. Bidders should submit the documents issued in lieu of Occupancy certificate or which are available with the Bidder and which satisfy Bank’s requirement to assess the clear title to the offered premises.
2. In case of such offers where property is on leased land, the formal NOC may take time and go beyond the last date of submitting the bids. Bidders may furnish an undertaking for the same and formal document may be submitted after the bid close but before the date of Price Bid. The date for Price bid opening will be intimated by the Bank at a later date once technical evaluation is complete.
3. What documents to be submitted in case of premises offered on leasehold land? All documents establishing the rights of lessee and lessor should be submitted including the original agreement and current agreement.

In case the lease is silent on transfer, then NOC/willingness from the lessor is required to be provided.

(also refer clarification to point 2 of these minutes)
4. Name of the architect not available which is required under Annexure C. The information should be furnished, if available. However, this is not a mandatory information.
5. Clarification regarding the definition of Carpet area and inclusions in it. Specifically regarding toilets. Para 15-III of the RFP is clarified as follows in this regard –

Carpet area shall mean actual usable area offered which will be in exclusive possession of the Bank.

For the calculation of carpet area, Bank will adopt the guidelines given by Maharashtra RERA wherein carpet area means net usable area exclusive of area covered by external walls, area under service shafts, exclusive balcony or verandah area and exclusive open terrace area. However area covered under internal partition walls will be included in carpet area calculations.

It is further clarified that -

In case entire building is offered

Basement and toilets will be included in the Carpet area.

Parking area will not be considered for carpet area.

Architectural projections in Façade and areas including balconies, terraces, niches, will not be considered.

In case part of building but entire floors are offered

Common areas such as entrance lobby, staircases, lifts and sanitary shafts, lift lobbies, watchman room, pump room, overhead tank, generator rooms, air-conditioning plant rooms, AHU etc. will not be considered.

Common toilets will not be considered. However, toilets for exclusive use and possession by Bank will be included.
6. Is structural certificate based on the visual inspection report sufficient for meeting the requirement of Para 15-II (7). Bidder should upload the report available with them including any from past 10 years. Any additional requirement will be communicated to Bidders after perusal of existing documents submitted by them.
7. Can Bid documents be submitted in Zip file. MSTC portal does not allow upload in zip files. Hence PDFs should be uploaded by Bidders. There is no restriction on number of PDFs which may be uploaded.
8. How will the movable furniture be captured in the Bid document, in case Bidder leaves that in the offered premises? The format for providing such details is provided in point 16 of Annexure C.

The price for such equipment is to be provided with Annexure PB to be uploaded with the Price Bid in cover 2.

Further, Bidders should note the provision of Para 9-I (v) wherein Bank reserves the right to accepts all or few as per its requirement. The cost of accepted equipment only will be considered.
9. Additional time may be taken by Bidders to secure all the documents because of business disruptions caused due to spread of Novel corona virus disease (COVID-19). Situation is being monitored. Bank will intimate any extension in timelines or relaxations, if required, in due course.
10. Is the price bid necessarily required to match with the valuation report? Valuation report by any government approved valuer is valid.

Bidders are free to quote the price they believe is fair and are as per prevailing market rates.

These minutes will also form part of the contract.