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Date : Mar 19, 2020
Minutes of Pre-Bid Meeting - Supply, Installation, Testing and Commissioning of 160 Nos of 120 AH SMF batteries in FR/FL casing for 2x120 KVA UPS at Bank’s Office Building, Reserve Bank of India, Hyderabad

Postponement of opening of tender

A pre bid meeting was held on March 16, 2020 at 11:30 at RBI Hyderabad to clarify the queries of the tenderers for the captioned work. The meeting was attended by the following tenderers:

Bank’s Representatives Tenderer’s representative
1. Shri K V Sivaraman (AGM) 1. Shri Vijay Kumar, M/s Numax Energy Solution
2. Shri S.T Ramakrishna, AM (Tech) 2. Shri GMVS Chaitanya, M/s ARBL
3. Shri R K Dora, AM 3. Shri R Srinivasan, M/s Exide Industries
4. Smt J Poornima, AM 4. Shri B Vidya Sagar, M/s Accutech Infosystems Pvt Ltd
5. Shri Apoorva Singhal, JE (E) 5. Shri Srinivas,M/s Numeric UPS
  6. Shri Jagadeesh, M/s Amara Raja Batteries Ltd
  7. Shri Suraj Pradham. M/s Rajdeep Energies Pvt Ltd

The following queries were raised by the tenderers and the clarifications given by the Bank are indicated as under:

Sl. No Queries raised by the firm’s representatives Clarification given by the Bank
1. Warranty period of the batteries The warranty period of the product shall be three years and the battery testing is mandatory.
2. Whether the bank will raise the invoice for buyback of old batteries It was clarified that there is no buyback and the invoice includes the GST.
3. Firms asked clarification regarding the dismantling of old batteries in Bank’s scope or in Tenderer’s scope. Dismantling of batteries is in the scope of the tenderer.
4. Insurance Compensation All Risk Policy to be submitted as per the tender document.
5. The representative of the firm asked regarding the IR Test and Discharge testing IR Test will be done on quarterly basis and discharge test through existing load will be carried out on yearly basis.
6. The representative of the firm enquired about if there is any exemption of EMD It was clarified that EMD is not applicable in respect of MSME registered vendors.

All the tenderers were advised that the above minutes of the pre-bid meeting would form a part of the technical bid. The tenderers should enclose a duly signed copy of the minutes as part of Part I of the tender document.