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Date : Feb 06, 2020
Minutes of Pre Bid Meeting - Design, Supply, installation, testing and commissioning of Crash Rated Electro Hydraulic Bollard system at Bank's Office Building RBI, Jaipur


The pre bid meeting of Crash rated boom barrier was held at Conference room on 2nd floor at 3 pm on 3rd Feb, 2020. The meeting was held in presence of the following person

Banks’ officials

  1. Mr Sudhir Ghonge (DGM-Estate Department)

  2. Mr. Amit Khandelwal (AGM- Technical)

  3. Mr. Harshad Kelkar (AM-Electrical)

  4. Mrs. Mansi Jain (JE-Electrical)

Firms’ Representative

  1. M/s Swaraj Secutech - Mr. Ramesh Sangral (Mob No: 8882664055, email id- north@swarajsecutech.com

  2. M/s Godrej & Boyce – Mr. Fateh Singh (Mob No: 8130868366, email id- fsingh@godrej.com

The following submission were represented by the firms’ representative for Banks consideration. The details along with remarks are tabulated below

M/s Swaraj Secutech & M/s Godrej Boyce
Sr. No Bank Requirement Firm query Remark
1. Referring to Page No 41 (POINT No (2.1.8) of technical specifications wherein it is mentioned that each bollard should capable of impact load from 50kN and should be physically site tested for crash rating. When bollard is impacted with 7.2 tons intruder vehicle at sped of 48km/h with target impact load 640kJ, it is called K4 standard compliant and physically crash tested. This tests on bollard are certified by independent laboratories like TRL/MIRA/KARCO/CTS. Therefore, 50kN is not true for K4 crash rating. It should be minimum 640 Kilo Jules. Each bollard shall be K4 rated i.e. 640 kJ.
2. Referring to page no 41, point no (2.1.2) of technical specification wherein it is mentioned that the bollard arrangement the system shall have a total of 6 bollards arranged and shall be operated in a) individually, b) in group of three & c) all six operated simultaneously. Please be noted bollard required for the site is 6 nos guarding an entrance. Any hit that will take place will happen always on 02 bollards as the shortest width of an Indian car is 1.3 m. Therefore, crash testing of dual bollard should be considered instead should of only one. Each bollard shall be K4 rated and physically site tested from the agencies like MIRA/TRL or equivalent agencies.