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Date : Feb 04, 2020
Minutes of Pre-bid meeting - Lifting and transportation of packed coin bags from India Government Mint, Noida to RBI New Delhi, Currency Chests in NCT and other RBI offices in India

Pre-bid meeting for the captioned e-tender was held on January 29, 2020 at 03:00 PM in the Conference Room, Issue Department, RBI, New Delhi to clarify the queries of the participants. The meeting was attended by the following:

Bank’s Representative Participants
1. Rajiv Johri, AGM, Issue Dept 1. TCI Supply Chain Solutions (TCISCS)
2. Abhishek Prasad, Manager 2. S&IB Services Pvt. Ltd.
3. Ashu, Assistant 3. Security and Intelligence Services (SIS)

Further to the discussions held with the participants, the following clarifications were sought by them.

S. No. Queries raised in the pre-bid meeting Clarifications/ Comments by the Bank
1. M/s TCISCS enquired on the number of vehicles used per remittance and per month. The vendor is required to execute the directions of the Bank. The representatives were advised to go through PART- II (Price Bid) in this regard.
2. M/s TCISCS raised query about amount of Bank Guarantee, why this amount is fixed to Rs.10 crore and requested to lower the amount. It was clarified that a Bank Guarantee of Rs. 10 crore is the minimum prerequisite.
3. M/s TCISCS asked, if there is any trend regarding coin demand for a particular month. It was clarified that the contractor shall execute the directions of the Bank as and when issued.
4. M/s SIS raised query whether they can hire vehicles from other vendors. The query was clarified by reading out para no. 2.8 (c) (xiii) of Section II of the tender document to the representatives. According to which, the vehicles shall either be owned or leased by the contractor and in case of leased vehicles, the lease of vehicles shall not expire during the contract period.