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Date : Jan 30, 2020
Minutes of Pre-bid meeting - Appointment of Chartered Accountant firm for undertaking a GST Audit of the GST registration and filing Forms GSTR-9 and GSTR-9C for FY 2018-19

Pre-Bid Meeting on the captioned tender was held on January 27, 2020 at 03:30 pm at RBI Kanpur. The list of officials from the Bank and representatives from CA firms who participated in the meeting is given in the Annex.

2. In meeting, the tender document, evaluation criteria and terms of technical and financial bids were explained in detail. While discussing the evaluation criteria, it was explained that firms securing 60 marks or more only will be considered for the next stage of financial evaluation.

3. Further, it was also clarified that the final evaluation will be done by combining the marks secured in the technical and financial evaluation in the ratio of 60:40, with the bidder obtaining the highest total marks becoming eligible for appointment as Auditor for the captioned exercise.

4. The meeting ended with a vote of thanks.


Sr. No. Name of the official
(Shri / Smt / Ku)
Name of the Organisation
Officials from the Bank
1. Vishwa Mohan DGM, HRMD, RBI
2. Aarzoo Sharma Manager, ABCC, RBI
3. Piyush Agrawal AM, ABCC, RBI
4. Dharmendra Kumar Assistant, ABCC, RBI
5. Divya Malik Assistant, ABCC, RBI
Officials representing entities
6. Mohammad Imran Bedi Saxena & Co.
7. Syed Ali Zamal Bedi Saxena & Co
8. Navneet Vaish Naval Kishore & Co.
9. Alok Gupta Prasad Gupta J & Co.
10. Purvi Saxena Tandon & Mahendra
11. Gopi Agrawal A Kay Mehra & Co.
12. Prakhar Gupta PD Agrawal & Co.
13. Nitin Gupta PD Agrawal & Co.