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Date : Jan 10, 2020
Minutes of Pre-bid meeting - Design, Supply, Installation, Testing and Commissioning of Precision AC units for proposed DIT server room at IV floor, Main Office Building, Reserve Bank of India, Hyderabad

Pre-bid meeting for the captioned subject was held on January 10, 2020 at 11:30 AM in the Seminar Hall at first floor in Main Office Building to clarify the queries of the bidders for the captioned work. The meeting was attended by the following persons:

Bank’s Representatives Vendor’s representative
Ms Revati Kottakota, Manager (T) 1. Sh Srinivas Rao, M/s Vertiv
Shri Ramakrishna ST (AM-T) 2. Sh. Shabbir Ahmed, M/s ABS.
Ms J. Anita, AM 3. Sh. Manish Modi, M/s Choice Solutions
Shri Apoorva Singhal, JE (E) 4. Sh. Sandeep Y, M/s Grid2chip.

Points discussed, and decisions arrived at the meeting are indicated as:

Sl.No Queries raised by the firm’s representatives Clarification given by the Bank
1. The representative from the firm M/s Choice Solutions queried about the frequency of preventive maintenance to be done after installation. The contractor shall carry out preventive maintenance once in every quarter. In addition, any number of breakdown calls shall be attended by the contractor.
2. Representatives asked clarification for the type of risk policy to be provided. It was clarified that the tender condition shall remain unaltered. Contractor shall have to submit all insurance policies mentioned in the tender document besides CAR (Contractor’s All risk) policy.
3. M/s Schneider requested for reduction in amount of Third party liability policy. It was clarified that the tender condition shall remain unaltered.
4. Firms queried about the duration of Bank Guarantee. With regards to Bank Guarantee, it is clearly mentioned in the tender that final payment shall be released after submission of Performance Bank Guarantee for an amount mentioned in the tender for a period of three years from date of completion.

All the tenderers may kindly note that the above minutes of the pre-bid meeting would form part of the technical bid. A printout of the same should be taken and the sheet duly signed, stamped should be enclosed with the Part I of the tender document.