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Date : Jan 08, 2020
Minutes of Pre bid meeting - Annual Contract for providing Cleaning Services of Wash Rooms/ Toilets and related areas/ space of leased flats for officers at various locations in Dehradun

The captioned tender was published on January 01, 2020 on RBI website. The Pre-Bid meeting for the same was held in the premises of RBI Dehradun on January 07, 2020 at 1100 hrs. Two representatives of the intended firms came for this Pre Bid Meeting. The following staff members of RBI and firms/prospective tenderers were present during the pre-bid meeting:

S. No. Name of RBI Officers
1. Sh. Manoj Kumar, DGM (Estate)
2. Sh. Moti Lal, AGM (Estate)
3. Sh. Khem Chand, Assistant Manager (Technical, Estate)
4. Ms. Tahniyat Noon, Assistant Manager (Estate)

Firms/Prospective tenderers

S. No Name of firm Name of Representative Contact No
1. M/s Para Services Shri Sandeep 9837564838
2. Principle Security Shri Avdesh Raturi 9837566230

The following queries were asked for clarification:

S. No. Query/ Tender Para Clarifications
1. The firms enquired about the procedure for evaluation of Technical bid. The representative were explained that evaluation of technical bid will be based on the eligibility criteria as mentioned in the tender document.
2. The firms enquired about the manpower requirement for the captioned work. It was clarified that the quantum of work has been prescribed that is to be carried by the Firms. It is for the service providers to access the manpower requirements for the prescribed work.
3. The firms enquired if the cost of materials once quoted by the agency will be variable or fixed depending upon the change in market price. They also enquired about the brand and what type materials are to supplied. It was clarified that the cost of materials will remain fixed throughout the period of the agreement. The brand and type of materials to be supplied will be as per the specifications mentioned in the scope of work only.
4. The firms enquired the number of washrooms that are to be cleaned in each flat. It was clarified that the number of washrooms may vary from 2 to 3 depending upon the size of the flat.
5. One of the representative stated that the license under Contract Labour Act 1970 as per para 1(f) of General Terms and Conditions is obtained when the manpower involved is 20 or more in the contract work. The firms were told that while bidding for the tender, they can specifically mention their status with respect to adherence to the respective law and upload the document accordingly.
6. The firms enquired if they have to supply vacuum cleaner to the leased flats as mentioned in para B(iii) of Terms and Conditions under Scope of work It was clarified that they do not need to supply vacuum cleaner to the leased flats as a part of cleaning material. It may be used for cleaning purpose by the firm as required.

Note: This document shall form part and parcel of the tender. Hence, shall be signed and submitted along with the tender by the tenderers.