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Date : Nov 26, 2019
Minutes of pre-bid meeting - Request for Proposal (RFP) for Appointment of Architect for Renovation of Bank’s Main Office Building, 3rd Floor, RBI, Kolkata

Notice Inviting Tender (NIT) for captioned work and subsequent corrigendum was published on October 30, 2019 and November 15, 2019 respectively in RBI website. The Pre-Bid meeting for the same was held in the conference room of Estate Department, 3rd floor of RBI Kolkata on November 21, 2019 at 1100 hrs. Three representatives of the intended firms came for this Pre Bid Meeting. The following staff members of RBI and firms/prospective tenderers were present during the pre-bid meeting:

Sl. No. Name and Designation of the RBI Officials
1 Shri S. Chakraborty, Assistant General Manager
2 Shri H. Rahaman, Manager (Tech.-Elect.)
3 Smt. S. Purkayastha, Manager (Tech.-Civil)
4 Shri S.K. Baidya, Assistant Manager (Tech.-Civil)
5 Ms. S. Goswami, Assistant Manager

Sl. No. Name of the firm Name of the Representative
1 M/s RT & Associates Private Ltd Mr A Mahato
2 M/s Biplob Nandy & Associates Mr B Kundu
3 M/s Co-Ordinate Techno Consultants (P) Ltd Mr S Biswas

The following points were discussed in the pre-bid meeting:

Sl. No. Name of the firm Query/Proposal Clarifications by the Bank
1 M/s Co-Ordinate Techno Consultants (P) Ltd Whether extra chiller unit will be provided for cooling of the 3rd floor Bank has existing 95 TR (approx. 38000 CFM) AHU at 3rd floor. Vendor has to design considering the existing capacity of central chiller unit.
2 The capacity of meeting room, conference room and visitor lobby Tentatively, 10,60 and 10 respectively.
3 If design can be made considering floor to ceiling height of less than 5 metre. Consider height of 12 feet for making designs.
4 Whether provision for water sprinkler may be included in the design Provision may be made in the design.
5 Whether attached toilet will be available with cabins of Grade F officers Provision may be made in the design.
6 M/s Biplob Nandy & Associates If there will be single or separate meeting rooms for Department of Supervision (DOS). There will be 3 separate meeting rooms for banks, non-banks and urban co-operative banks.
7 The type of floor in cabins All floor area will be covered by vitrified tiles
8 M/s RT & Associates Private Ltd Whether size of cabins will be provided as per hierarchy of officers Area allocation as per grade has been already mentioned in the RFP document.
9 Whether date of presentation may be re-scheduled to a later date The revised date as mentioned in the corrigendum stands.

Note: This document shall be an integral part of the tender. Hence, it shall be signed and submitted / uploaded along with the tender by the tenderers.