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Date : Oct 10, 2019
Minutes of Pre-bid meeting - Supply, Installation, Testing and Commissioning of 2x60 KVA Uninterrupted Power Supply System at Bank’s Main Office Building at Chennai

e-tender No: RBI/Chennai/Estate/29/19-20/ET/94

List of participants:

Sl. no RBI Vendors
1 S.Krishna Kumar (AGM / Estate) S.Ganesh Ram / M/s. Riello Power
2 U.Ravi Kumar (Manager / Tech) J.Gurumurthy / M/s. Sree Nandhees Technologies Pvt. Ltd
3 S.Ravi (AM / Tech) R.Baskaran / M/s. Numax Energy Solutions Pvt. Ltd
4 T.Geetha (AM / Estate) R.Sundarrajan / M/s. Novateur Electrical & Digital System Pvt. Ltd
5 K. Suresh Kumar (JE / Elect)  
6 R.Selva Iyyappan (JE / Elect)  
7 K.Abilash (Asst)  

Sl. no Clarification sought Clarification furnished
1 Whether the isolation transformer should be installed at UPS input or output? It is clarified that isolation transformer should be connected in input end
2 Configuration of UPS. UPS should be N+1 configuration and should be in parallel redundant mode of operation.
3 Conveyance, boarding and lodging arrangements for RBI Engineers during factory inspection of UPS. Cost of traveling, boarding and lodging of Bank's Engineer(s) to the site of inspection shall be borne by the Bank
4 Nature of loads to be connected to UPS Loads are of inductive and resistive in nature.
5 A vendor informed that over temperature alarm will be provided instead of ventilation fan failure alarm in UPS. Accepted.
6 Whether Amararaja make batteries can be included in the tender? Amararaja make batteries already included in the tender.
7 - Additionally, it is clarified by the Bank that for item no.3 in price bid (Rebate for dismantling and taking away the following old and existing UPS Systems along with battery bank and stand/rack on as is where is basis: 40KVA UPS (Make : Numeric)), batteries should be excluded. Hence the quoted rate for item no.3 should be exclusive of batteries.