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Date : Aug 13, 2019
Corrigendum - Facility Management Service & Annual Maintenance Contract for Computers Hardware, Software and Peripherals at Reserve Bank of India, Gangtok

Cancellation of tender

(Tender No. RBI/Gangtok/11 dated August 5, 2019)

Pre-Bid Meeting for the captioned tender was scheduled at 11:00 hrs. on August 12, 2019 at RBI, Gangtok. While no vendor remained physically present during the Pre- bid meeting, M/s Hue Service Private Limited had sent their queries through e-mail, reply to the queries are appended below:

Query Clarification / Remarks
a. Service / repair centre at Gangtok : Is it compulsory to participate / bid in this tender? We have manned location at Siliguri, and also we have a full-fledged office including service/repair setup at North-East (Guwahati) region. Moreover we are associated with NIT Sikkim, Sikkim University & NHPC Ltd. (Rambhi, Singtam and Rangitnagar). Para 4

The Tenderers should have a full-fledged service setup at Gangtok/ Siliguri / North East Region of India where from required quality services can be provided on immediate basis.

Para 7

The tenderer should have a Repair Centre at Gangtok with adequate technical staff and equipment for repair work so as to ensure at least 99.5% uptime for servers, 99% uptime for PCs and 98% uptime for peripherals. The Bank reserves the right to inspect the Repair Centre and satisfy itself about the quality and reliability of service that can be rendered by the tenderer before opening the concerned tenderer’s Part-II Bid.

The vendor has to ensure 99.5% uptime for servers, 99% uptime for PCs and 98% uptime for peripherals through its repair centre on immediate basis. Locations mentioned are indicative.
b. As per Tender General terms and condition – Scope of work, point no.14, Resource Profile, the resident engineer should have first level diagnosis and troubleshooting knowledge in Active Network equipment such as Switches, Modems and Routers, but in the COMMERCIAL/PRICE BID we did not find any such items for quoting. Please provide the details of such Active Network equipment for providing AMC / FMS support. As of now, there is no network elements for this purpose. The same has been included for future need (if any).
c. Is there any Penalty capping/limitation is possible, as per General terms and condition – Scope of Work, Point no.37. As per para 37:

a. Penalty @ Rs. 200/- per day for non-rectification of complaint within 24 hours will be deducted in the subsequent quarterly payment.

b. Absence of engineers at work will attract a proportional deduction from the charges in the subsequent quarterly payment if alternate arrangements are not made.

c. Non-adherence of at least 60% of any scheduled engineer visit in a month will attract a further penalty of Rs.1000/- which will be deducted from subsequent quarterly payment.
d. Please specify the Resident Engineer category – Skilled or Highly Skilled Para 14 f :

The personnel deployed to render services shall be appropriately skilled, trained and preferably possess certification such as CCNA, MCSE or any other certificates proving the skill sets, for delivery of the services mentioned in this document.

Para 14 g

Resident Engineers are dedicated personnel for a location responsible for handling problems, should be qualified enough to do first level diagnosis and troubleshooting the problems relating to Hardware, Peripherals, Active Network equipment such as Switches, Modems and Routers. The engineer should also be qualified enough to do first level diagnosis and troubleshooting problems relating to standard software such OS, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Office, Lotus Notes or Microsoft Exchange, Anti-virus, etc. They should also be capable of troubleshooting problems encountered by the end users in Customer applications. He should have training and experience of managing and troubleshooting the problems under environments like Windows NT / 95 / 98/ 2000 / XP and above / Windows 2000 server and above, LAN / WAN, Oracle Applications, PCs and associated peripherals, backup / restoration using various tools, etc. They should have a minimum of three years’ experience in providing onsite technical support

General Manager & Officer-in-Charge
Reserve Bank of India, Gangtok

Date: August 13, 2019
Place: Gangtok