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Date : Jul 30, 2019
Pre Bid Meeting - Awarding Contract for Conducting Concurrent Audit of College of Agricultural Banking, Reserve Bank of India (the Bank), Pune


E–Tender Notice - RBI/CAB Pune/21/19-20/ET/21

Pre Bid Meeting on the captioned tender was held on July 29, 2019 at 11.00 am at College of Agricultural banking, Reserve Bank of India, Pune. The queries raised by the Chartered Accountant Firms and clarification provided by the Bank are mentioned hereunder:

Sr No. Query Answer
1 Whether Appointment letter can be submitted as Client Certificate? Appointment letter cannot be submitted as a Client Certificate. Client Certificate has to be submitted in the format as prescribed in Annexure VI of Tender document.
2 How many days Chartered Accountant should be present in a month? Reference is invited to para 14 of the Scope of Work – Section II of the Tender Agreement, wherein it is mentioned that the Audit Team will be headed by one CA and assisted by one skilled and one semi-skilled personnel. Therefore, Chartered Accountant should be present everyday.
3 Whether submission of Bankers' Solvency Certificate is mandatory? Refer para 9 (b) of Notice inviting e-Tender – wherein Banker's solvency certificate has been given. The bidder has to submit Banker’s Solvency Certificate as per format at Annex IV from their banker.
4 Whether Chartered Accountant firms having Head Office in other cities and having Branch in Pune are eligible to apply for the tender? Refer to para 1.1.1 (d) of Eligibility criteria – Section I – wherein it is indicated that the Bidder should have office at Pune with adequate manpower to take care of replacement etc. in support of manpower. Bidder should comply with this requirement.

Further, the availability of one senior partner in Pune may be ensured to sign the monthly Concurrent Audit and Statutory and Regulatory Compliance report and to attend the meeting with the Bank as and when called by the Bank.
5 Whether we (CA) need to prepare the reports and submit on time? Refer to para 1 of Scope of Work – Section II & point no. 4 of Annex I - Remittance of taxes and submission of returns. Auditor needs to check whether report submitted on time.