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Date : Jul 19, 2019
Awarding Contract for Conducting Concurrent Audit of College of Agricultural Banking, Reserve Bank of India (the Bank), Pune

Pre Bid Meeting


1. Online Tenders by E-Tendering process are invited for above work at College of Agricultural Banking, Reserve Bank of India (the Bank) Pune. The work is estimated to cost approximately Rs. 10 lakhs including taxes.

2. All the Pre-Qualification papers should be uploaded on MSTC site. Same will be downloaded after bid closing date for examination by the Bank.

3. Online tenders will be available for view /download to all bidders from 13.00 hrs of July 19, 2019. The Bidders who do not comply with the eligibility criteria and do not submit EMD will not be considered for opening of their tender Part-II

4. The EMD has to be paid by NEFT and the proof of payment has to be submitted with the technical Bid.

5. In the event of intending tenderer’s failure to satisfy the Bank; the Bank reserves the right to refuse to participate in tendering process.

6. A pre-bid meeting (off-line mode) of the intending tenderers will be held on July 29, 2019 at 11.00hrs at College of Agricultural Banking, Reserve Bank of India, Pune. The duly filled in tender documents shall be uploaded on MSTC site till 14.00 hrs on August 19, 2019.

7. (a) Tender forms can be downloaded from the website www.mstcecommerce.com w.e.f. July 19, 2019 from 13.00 hrs.

(b) EMD of Rs.20,000/- by NEFT as per details in Annex-V.

(c) Tenderers shall submit all the information and the documents as mentioned in this document.

After examination, if any of the tenderer is not found to possess the required eligibility, their tenders will not be accepted by the Bank for further processing.

8. Part I of the tenders will be opened on-line at 15.00 hrs of August 19, 2019 in the presence of the authorized representative of the tenderers who choose to be present. Part-II (Price bid) of the eligible tenderer shall be opened on a subsequent date which will be intimated to the tenderers separately.

9. The bidders/tenderers have to submit/upload.

  1. Client’s certificate as per format at Annex- VI from their clients for whom they have carried out "eligible works" in terms of the eligibility (Pre-qualification) criteria explained in this notice.

  2. Banker's solvency certificate as per format at Annex IV from their banker/bankers.

The Bank shall evaluate the said reports before opening of price bid of the tenders. If any tenderer is not found to possess the required eligibility for participating in the tendering process at any point of time and/or his performance reports received from his clients and/or his bankers are found unsatisfactory, the Bank reserves the right to reject his offer even after opening of Part-I of the tender. The Bank is not bound to assign any reason for doing so.

10. The Bank is not bound to accept the lowest tender and reserves the right to accept either in full or in part any tender. The Bank also reserves the right to reject all the tenders without assigning any reason there for.

Principal, CAB, Pune

Date : July 19, 2019

Schedule of Tender (SOT)

a. e-Tender no RBI/CAB Pune/21/19-20/ET/21
b. Mode Of Tender e-Procurement System
(Online Part I - Techno-Commercial Bid and Part II - Price Bid through www.mstcecommerce.com/eprochome/rbi
c. Date of NIT available to parties to download (notice for inviting tender) 13.00 hrs on July 19, 2019
d. Pre-Bid meeting Offline 11.00 hours on July 29, 2019
Venue: CAB, RBI Pune
e. Earnest Money Deposit Rs.20,000/- to be remitted through NEFT (Details in Annex VI). The details of transaction have to be provided.
f. Last date of submission of EMD Up to 11:00 hrs on August 19, 2019
g. Date of Starting of e-Tender for submission of on line Techno-Commercial Bid and price Bid at www.mstcecommerce.com/eprochome/rbi 14:00 hrs on July 29, 2019
h. Date of closing of online e-tender for submission of Techno-Commercial Bid & Price Bid 14.00 hrs on August 19, 2019
i. Date & time of opening of Part-I
(i.e. Techno-Commercial Bid)
Part-II Price Bid: Date of opening of Part II i.e. price bid shall be informed separately
15.00 hrs on August 19, 2019
Transaction Fee Rs 1000/- plus GST @18%
Payment of transaction fees through MSTC payment gateway/ NEFT/RTGS in favour of MSTC Ltd.