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Date : May 16, 2019
Minutes of the pre-bid meeting and issuance of corrigendum/addendum - Printing and Delivery of Multi-Colour Posters and Leaflets, Lucknow

Tender No.RBI/Lucknow/Others/8/18-19/ET/358

As per the schedule, a Pre-Bid meeting for the prospective bidders was organised by Financial Inclusion and Development Department (FIDD) Lucknow on May 16, 2019 at 11:00 hrs. in Conference Room, 3rd floor, RBI Regional Office, 8-9, Vipin Khand, Gomti Nagar Lucknow. Representatives of six firms participated into the meeting.

2. The meeting was conducted to brief the bidders about our specific requirements and to sensitize them about how to submit e-Tenders on RBI portal of MSTC website. Shri Rohit Singh, Assistant Manager, MSTC Lucknow was available during the meeting to clarify the operational and technical modalities of e-Tendering. He also provided his Contact Number (+91-9886056499/ +91-9769760074/ 0522-4240445/ 0522-4304843) to all the bidders to contact him personally, in case of any query related to technical problems in filing the e-Tender.

3. The pre-bid meeting was attended by the representatives of the following vendor:

  1. M/s Fine Furniture

  2. M/s Printco Printers

  3. M/s Pratibha Printing Press

  4. M/s Awadh Printers & Traders

  5. M/s Pratibha Press & Multimedia

  6. M/s Swastika Printers

On behalf of Reserve Bank of India, Lucknow, the following officials were present:

  1. Shri R. P. Singh, General Manager

  2. Shri Jai Prakash, Assistant General Manager

  3. Shri Kunal Mohan, Manager

  4. Shri Anurag Srivastava, Assistant

4. The corrigendum will be issued on the RBI website. It may be noted that these minutes of the pre-bid meeting shall form part of the bid document. Terms and conditions and specifications of the bid document remain unchanged. The aforesaid amendments/clarifications are issued for information of all the intending bidders. Submission of bid by the firm shall be construed to be in conformity with the bid document and the amendments/clarifications above.

Date: 16-05-2019
Place: Lucknow

Addendum/ Corrigendum for E-tender Event No.RBI/Lucknow/Others/8/18-19/ET/358

a) Dimension of 100 GSM A5 leaflets – The dimension has been modified from 8.3” x 5.8” to 8.3” x 5.5” to avoid wastage of paper.

b) Packing – For each district, complete packing will be in a gunny bag. Each gunny bag for a district will contain the following:

  1. The A5 leaflets packed in sets of 100, with strap binding

  2. Separate sets of both the A3 posters with strap binding

  3. For each district, the number of such sets of A5 leaflets and both A3 posters will be specified at the time of issuing work order.

c) 300 sets of 100 A5 leaflets each, and 300 set of both A3 posters will have to be delivered on May 22, 2019 at RBI Lucknow before 2:00 PM.

d) All documents to be uploaded on time as specified in the tender document.

e) All other conditions remain the same.