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Date : Feb 27, 2019
Minutes of Pre-Bid Meeting - DSITC of 380 KVA Diesel Generator Sets with Acoustic Enclosure for Bank’s Main Office Building, Fort, Mumbai

Minutes of Pre-Bid Meeting held on February 25, 2019 at 11.00 hrs. at Meeting Room, Estate Office- MRO, Fort, Mumbai.

In connection with the captioned tender a pre-bid meeting was held at 11.00 hrs. on February 25, 2019 on the 2nd floor of Reserve Bank of India, MRO, Mumbai. Representatives of the firms, welcomed to the meeting by Shri. Yogiraj Sharma, AGM (Technical), Estate Office, who clarified in his address that the purpose of the meeting was to clarify any doubts/queries regarding the said tender. The issues raised by the participant & clarification given by the Bank is attached herewith:

All the tenderers may kindly note that the above minutes of pre bid meeting would form a part of the technical bid. The meeting ended with vote of thanks to the chair.

E- Tender for DSITC of 380KVA Diesel Generator set for Bank’s Main Building – Minutes of Prebid meeting

The Pre-bid meeting for the captioned tender was held on February 25, 2019 at 11.00 a.m. in meeting room of Estate Office, 2nd floor, Main Office Building, RBI, Mumbai. The meeting was chaired by Shri Y.R.Sharma, Assistant General Manager (Tech). Officials from Estate Department and representatives from various companies (list attached) participated in the meeting.

List of Bank’s Officials attended the meeting

Sr.No. Name of the Officer Designation
1 Shri Yogiraj Sharma Asst. General Manager (Tech)
2 Shri Raosaheb Ghadge Assistant Manager (Tech)
3 Shri Raju Mhatre Assistant Manager (Tech)
4 Shri Ganesh Chindarkar Assistant Manager

List of Company’s representative attended the meeting

Sr.No. Name of the Company/Firm Name of the Representative
1 G. D. Anklesaria & Co. R L Paliwal
2 Kalpaka Poer Control Jagannivasan

Shri Y.R. Sharma invited queries from the prospective bidders regarding the captioned tender. Details of queries raised by the firm and clarifications/comments of the Bank are tabulated below:

Sr No Query Clarifications/ Comments
1 What will be the preferable period for shutdown for installation of DG Set as proposed by the Bank? Whether it may be on any Saturday & Sunday or any extended upcoming holidays? Considering upcoming holidays in April 2019, most preferable time may be from April 17 to 19, 2019 subject to award of work by 1st week of April 2019. Otherwise, appropriate time slot may be decided later on by the Bank.
2 How much duration to be allowed for dismantling of old DG and installation of new system? As far as minimum possible. After dismantling flexible coupling of Old DG set, the same should be connected to another existing DG set as exhaust system is common for both DG set which facilitate functioning of system with least shutdown time.
3 In reference to Item No.6 of part II, Whether existing outlet pipe (exhaust header) running from DG room to terrace level has to be continued by connecting new outlet to it? No. The contractor has to install new header running from DG room up to terrace of the building depending upon specified requirement of new DG which should be complied with the mandatory requirements of CPC. The expenditure for quantity beyond 10 meters shall be paid as per actual executed quantity and based on the rates derived from approved tender rates by the Bank.
4 Whether AMF Panel is required for DG Set? No. Proposed DG set should not be with AMF Panel.
5 Whether the work of dismantling of existing pump room and making of foundation including digging of surface is in the scope of contractor? 1. Dismantling of existing pump room and carting away debris will be attended by the Bank.

2. The work of construction of foundation in complete as specified by the Bank including digging of existing surface for fulfilling required height of proposed DG has to be entirely done by the DG set contractor.
6 Whether dismantling of existing acoustic panel on wall surface is in the scope of contractor? No. The Bank will dismantle existing acoustic panel on wall surface.
7 Work Execution As the space in the existing DG Set room is limited, dismantling and relocation of various items such as silencers etc shall be required.
8 Additional Exhaust fan An additional exhaust fan of suitable size shall be added in the room to improve ventilation.