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Date : Feb 08, 2019
Minutes of pre-bid meeting - AMC for day to day operation and maintenance of various electrical installations at campus of CAB, RBI, Pune and five residential quarters at Ashiyana Officers’ Quarter

Pre-bid meeting for the captioned work was held on 05/02/2019 at 3.00pm in Iravati conference hall in presence of the following:

From Bank side:

  1. Smt. Kiran Acharya , AGM
  2. A.B.Patil, AM (T-E)
  3. Smt. J U Sathaye, AM

From vendor side:

  1. Sri. S C Srinivas from M/s. Sterling & Wilson.
  2. Ms. Ketki Gulavani from M/s. Sonhira Electric Co.

The details of the queries/doubts raised by the vendors and proposed reply / clarifications are as under:

Sr. No. Queries/doubts raised by firm representative Banks reply /clarification
1 Regarding Manpower - Instead of 3 full time electrician and one reliever, there will be four full time electricians engaged. As per tender bidder shall deploy 3 full time (Semi skilled) electrician in 3 shifts (one in each shift) and one reliever (Semi skilled) who will attend the weekly offs and will be available in emergency situation. The proportionate pay and allowances will be paid to the reliever as mentioned in the tender document.
2 Regarding attending complaints at residential colonies How frequently the electrician requires to attend the complaints related to residential colonies? Premises section is maintaining complaint register. The electrician has to monitor daily complaint register and attend the complaints of residential colonies as and when required.
3 Regarding Para 14The amount claimed by the bidder for the service contract will be inclusive of liaison charges with MSEB for getting the electrical work clearance if any during the currency of contract –Who will pay the statutory fess required to be paid if any, to MSEB & liasioning charges. As regard liasioning charges, which includes the work clearance, follow up with MSEB authorities etc. are not reimbursable.
If any, statutory fess paid and the receipt is produced in the name of Reserve Bank of India, same will be reimbursed.
Regarding submission of proof of EMD paid As mentioned in the tender the Bidders shall enclose proof in support of EMD, if deposited using NEFT for the amount of ₹ 24,500/-. The bidder may submit the receipt of NEFT with UTR no in a separate cover to the Bank till 2.00pm of 15/02/2019 as mentioned in the render


1. These above minutes of pre-bid meeting shall form the part of bid document / Agreement.

2. Rest of the Terms and condition and specifications of bid document shall continue to remain same.

3. The above amendments / clarifications are issued for the information for all the intending bidders.

4. The submission of bid by the firm shall be construed to be in conformity to the bid document and amendments / clarifications given above.

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