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Date : Feb 04, 2019
Minutes of Pre-bid meeting - Construction of Parking shed at staff quarters Baramunda, RBI, Bhubaneswar, Odisha


Pre-bid meeting for the captioned e-tender was held on February 04, 2019 at 11:30 AM in the Estate Department, RBI, Bhubaneswar to clarify the queries of the bidders. The meeting was attended by the following persons:

Bank’s Representatives Firm’s representative
1. Shri N C Panda, AGM, Estate 1. M/S Byomkesh Mandal
2. Shri S D Singh, Asst Manager (T)  
3. Shri Amol R Wadhonkar, Asst Manager  
4. Shri M J Balaji J E (C)  

Further to the discussions held with the tenderer, clarifications arrived thereof are indicated as under.

S. No. Questions raised by firm’s representative Clarification given by the Bank Clarification given by the Bank
1 Vendor raised query regarding approval from competent authority from BDA/Local Authority for taking up the work It was clarified that the work will be taken up only after approval is obtained from the BDA/Local authority which is mentioned under the scope of work in item no. 1 of the BOQ.
2 Clarification was sought regarding the unit of measurement for the BOQ item No. 9. It was clarified that due to a typological error the unit of measurement in BOQ item no. 9 was mentioned as sqm instead of Kg. Intending Bidders to read it as 5150 Kg.

• All above points are noted and agreed by the firm.

  1. These minutes of pre-bid meeting shall form the part of bid document/Agreement

  2. Rest of the terms and conditions and specifications of the bid document shall continue to remain same

  3. The above amendments/ clarifications are issued for the information for all the intending bidders.

  4. The submission of bid by the firm shall be construed to be in conformity to the bid document and amendments/ clarifications given above

Regional Director
RBI, Bhubaneswar
February 04, 2019

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