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Date : Mar 04, 2008
Format of Application by a Foreign Bank to Reserve Bank of India for grant of Licence to open its Maiden Branch in India

I. General Information

1. Name of the applicant bank:

2. Place and date of incorporation;

3. Address of Head Office:

II. Ownership & Management

1. List of names and addresses of directors and their
qualifications and principal business

Name & address      Qualifications      Principal business

2. Details of shareholders holding 10 per cent or more of voting
stock and their principal business

3. Name of the Chief Executive Officer

4. Name & designation of senior official at Head quarters that will be
responsible for the bank's operations in India

III. Structure

1. Organisational chart showing subsidiaries and associated

2. Countries in which the bank and its subsidiaries operate

3. No. of domestic and overseas branches

IV. Financial Position

1. Highlights of financial position of the bank based on last
three years financial statements

2. Capital adequacy ratio as per BIS standards indicating
Tier - I and Tier - II capital separately

3. Ranking in home country and global ranking
4. Credit ratings by international credit rating agencies

V. Supervisory Arrangements

1. Details of supervisory arrangements to which the bank
is subject in its country of origin.

2. Home country regulations on entry of foreign banks

VI. Details of existing relationship with India

1. Details of correspondent banking relationships with Indian
banks and the aggregate amount of lines of creditor other
limits extended to them.

2. Details of foreign currency loans extended to Indian companies
and other types of business transacted such as underwriting of equity/
debt issues of Indian companies etc.

VII. Details of proposed branch operations in India

1 Location of branch:

2. Details of proposed initial capitalisation :

3. Number of expatriate officials proposed to be posted in India

4.Purpose of opening the branch in India the benefits to the different
sectors in the Indian community and activities proposed to be undertaken.

5. Business Plan.

VIII .Documents to be enclosed

1.Copies of Memorandum Articles of Association or similar documents

2.Last three years financial statements

3.Certificate from supervisory authority that the applicant bank is duly authorised as a bank, is of
good standing and it is under their consolidated supervision.

4.Copy of the approval/authorisation given by the home country supervisor/ regulator permitting to open a branch in India.

5. Approval letter from the Bank's Board.

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