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Date : Sep 17, 2008
Supply, installation, testing and commissioning of motorized sliding gate system with design, fabricate, erecting of MS gate system at main gate RBI office Building Bhopal

BHOPAL - 462011

Tender Notice

Sealed two-part tenders are invited for Supply, Installation, Testing and Commissioning of Motorised Sliding Gate System with Design, Fabrication, Erecting of MS Gate at Main Gate of Bank's Main Office Building, Hoshangabad Road, Bhopal - 462011 estimated to cost Rs. 3.00 lakh and is to be completed within 30 days.

2. Firms having minimum experience of five years in undertaking similar nature of work with a minimum annual turnover of at least 1.00 (One) lakh in the last three years and who have successfully completed two similar works each costing not less than Rs. 1.50 lakh during the last three years having their own full fledged service set up in Bhopal are only eligible to tender.

3. The tender forms will be issued only to the contractors who furnish the detailed information in writing /documents to satisfy the Bank about their eligibility to tender. If they fail to satisfy the Bank; the tender-form shall not be issued.

4. Tender forms will be issued from 17/09/2008 to 08/10/2008 from the office of the Regional Director, Estate Department, Reserve Bank of India, Bhopal, on payment of a non-refundable amount of Rs. 200/- per set. The tender forms will be issued only to those firms who furnish written information about the names and addresses of their bankers, clients with names of work, year of execution, cost and the authority under whom it was executed along with their correct postal addresses, contact person and telephone/fax numbers. The intending tenderers should necessarily submit, as proof of experience, completion certificates accompanied with detailed work order copies for the works costing not less than Rs. 1.50 lakh each, for minimum two works as per prequalification criteria.

5. Tender forms can also be downloaded from our website www.rbi.org.in. However, it may be noted that the tenderers using tender form from website has to furnish a non refundable demand draft of Rs. 200/- drawn in favour of RBI, Bhopal and documentary evidence in support possessing necessary qualification criteria as indicated in para 4 above in a separate cover to be submitted alongiwith Part-I  containing DD and documentary evidence for their eligibility. This cover will be opened before opening of part – I on due date (as indicated in para 6 below). If the tenderer fails to satisfy eligibility criteria their tender will not be opened

6. Tenders shall be received in sealed cover superscribed "Tender for Supply, Installation, Testing and Commissioning of Motorised Sliding Gate System with Design, Fabrication, Erecting of MS Gate " addressed to The Regional Director, Reserve Bank of India, Hoshangabad Road, Bhopal - 462011  up to 2:00 p.m. on or before 22/10/2008. Part I will be opened at 3:00 p.m. on 27/10/2008 in the presence of tenderers’ authorized representatives who choose to be present.  Part-II will be opened on a subsequently announced date, if required, due to techno commercial condition offered, if any.

7. The Bank is not bound to accept the lowest tender and reserves the right to accept either in full or in part any tender and to reject all the tenders without assigning any reason therefor.


Regional Director

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